Prey brought the Predator back with style and finally made the beast a scary, imposing figure once again. Now, 20th Century is moving forward with another film in the series from the director of Prey, Dan Trachtenberg. He’ll also be writing the film that’s set to shoot later this year. The film is already a high priority for the studio and they’re in the process of casting for the lead role.

There are no plot details at this time other than the Predator will be in it. As for the release strategy, it’s said that it will likely be heading to theaters after the successful releases from other 20th Century Films like The Boogeyman and the upcoming Alien: Romulus.That’s not completely set in stone, as it could still head to Hulu like Prey and other 20th Century Films have.

Prey premiered in Summer 2022 on Hulu and took the world by storm. It made the monster known as the Predator into something menacing and scary after a string of middling sequels to the original 1986 film. It earned some of the best reviews in the history of the franchise that culminated in an Emmy nomination for best TV movie. Since that film, 20th Century has made it a priority for a new film and expanding on the universe with Trachtenberg spearheading it.

There’s also news on Prey 2 being in the works that would return to that films setting and time period. There’s also talk that the star of that film, Amber Midthunder, would return as well. The Predator franchise is a strange one because there have been seven films in total, but the star of each of those films has never returned to do a sequel.

We’ll have to keep you updated on this as we get more news.

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Source: Deadline

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