The animated steampunk action-adventure series Arcane was one of Netflix‘s biggest success stories. When the first season premiered all the way back in November 6, 2021; critics and audiences alike raved about it…in a good way. On Rotten Tomatoes alone, 100% of critics over 29 reviews gave it positive reviews, with audience scores over 5000+ ratings still giving it 96%. Overall, this animated adaptation of the League of Legends MOBA game must have generated some pretty big viewership numbers for Netflix. What’s amazing here is how long it took Netflix to finally announce season 2. Don’t believe me? To be honest, I wouldn’t have either. So why not check out the first look trailer for that season 2 below, and see for yourself just what to expect for it?

Arcane Season 2: First Look Details

Okay, I’m sensing some magitech creepiness going on here.

Netflix is proud to announce Arcane season 2 with that first look trailer above on YouTube. Said first look trailer though is quite mysterious. It shows a heavily scarred man strapped to a chair, and he seems to be pretty out of it. Which is probably better for him, because he has little tubes attached to him that seems to be drawing his blood out and into a machine. Said machine is hooked up in turn to a massive humanoid abomination. Why? Unfortunately, we don’t know yet. Not until we get to see this upcoming season 2.

We also know from Netflix that Riot Games will still be producing Arcane season 2, with Fortiche Production still responsible for the animation. Christian Linke and Alex Yee return as the showrunners, and Hailee Steinfeld (Vi), Ella Purnell (Jinx) and Katie Leung (Caitlyn Kiramman) will reprise their voice roles. Other than that though, we can only wait until we get to see this season 2 for more voice roles.

Fortunately, that first look trailer does give us an idea of when that will be. The very end of that trailer reveals that Arcane season 2 will make its streaming debut sometime in November 2024. That’s quite a while to wait for, so we’ll almost certainly get some more trailers from now until then. Tune back in to THS to find out more Arcane news when we do.