Well folks, Minecraft is at the point where Hollywood is coming along for an adaptation. After the massive success of The Super Mario Bros Movie last year, it was only a matter of time before other video games started getting movies. According to Deadline, Jack Black is joining the Minecraft movie alongside Jason Momoa and Emma Myers. While the plot is under a layer of bedrock, their sources are saying that Jack Black is playing Steve.

Minecraft is the highest-selling video game of all-time with 300 million copies sold across multiple console generations. It also has nearly 140 million monthly active players. The movie is being produced by Vertigo, Legendary, Mojang/Microsoft, and Jason Momoa’s On The Roam.

Minecraft isn’t the only video game adaptation that Jack Black has appeared in, or will appear in. He starred in The Super Mario Bros Movie as Bowser, and is starring in Eli Roth’s Borderlands later this year. He’s also going out on tour with Tenacious D on the Tenacious D and the Spicy Meatball Tour.

Minecraft has a deep lore cultivated by fans and Mojang over the years since the game was released in 2011. It’s unknown what Momoa or Myers will be playing in the movie or how it’ll work.

This is a developing story, we’ll keep you updated as we get more information.

So, what do you think of Jack Black joining the cast of Minecraft?

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Source: Deadline

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