We all know that Warner Bros. Discovery have been pulling content from their streaming service: HBO Max. However, they assured everyone that all their other content was safe and sacrosanct. Or at least, they implied they were. I’m not sure if they ever actually said so in writing. That may very well be why they’re now pulling this (excuse me for my language) pile of steaming dogshit. What else do you call it when Warner Bros. Discovery are pulling all of their content (totaling over 1000 seasons’ worth of TV series) from PlayStation users’ video libraries? Completely and utterly regardless of whether or not said users paid for that content?

Warner Bros. Discover and the PlayStation Video Library Removal: Details

On December 1, 2023; the PlayStation official website posted a disturbing legal notice. Said notice stated that due to “content licensing arrangements with content providers”, PlayStation users will no longer be able to watch any of their previously purchased Discovery content. Oh, but if you think that’s bad news, it gets even worse. Even if said content is in your video library, Warner Bros. Discovery will still reach into your consoles and remove them. Yes, as it turns out, Warner Bros. Discovery is using the full power of their terms of agreement in order to legally steal back content you paid for.

So exactly how much content is Warner Bros. Discovery pulling from all PlayStation users’ video libraries? As it turns out: a lot. CBR (formerly Comic Book Resources) calculates that the grand total comes out be 1,317 seasons worth of content from over 100 TV series. You can read the full list of content Warner Bros. Discovery is taking away in the legal notice above. It seems that when Warner Bros. Discovery wants a dumpster fire, they’re determined to make it as enormous a conflagration as possible. As well as pushing everyone away from streaming and towards physical home video releases, of course. However, that’s a topic for a different day.

Reaction Details

As for how PlayStation users and others are reacting to this news? Well, they’re about as not well as you would expect after hearing that Warner Bros. Discovery is committing legal theft against them. You can check out a few of the choicest examples below:

Source: PlayStation Legal, CBR