If you transition from Halloween to Christmas like Mariah Carey, this one’s for you. Peacock revealed a first look at the upcoming holiday comedy Genie today.

The film comes from Oscar-nominated screenwriter Richard Curtis, who penned holiday classic Love Actually. (As well as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill). Melissa McCarthy stars as Flora, a genie released after spending more than 2000 years inside an antique jewelry box. She’s released from her jewelry box prison by Bernard (Paapa Kwakye Essiedu), whose life has recently hit a rough patch.

Check out the trailer for Genie below.

Here’s the full synopsis for the film:

Some friendships are worth more than you could ever wish for.

Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy stars as Flora, a genie trapped for more than 2,000 years inside an antique jewelry box because of one teeny-tiny little misunderstanding with a sorcerer back in 77 B.C. After millennia of being summoned to grant wishes of gold doubloons and hot babes for greedy men, Flora is accidentally called to service by Bernard Bottle (Emmy nominee Paapa Kwakye Essiedu; I May Destroy You), whose life is unraveling around him.

Bernard’s been so busy working that he has lost sight of his marriage to his wife Julie (Tony nominee Denée Benton; The Gilded Age) and the childhood of his young daughter, Eve (Jordyn Mcintosh; Emancipation). When Bernard misses Eve’s birthday 12 days before Christmas because of work, Julie decides it’s time for a trial separation. And then Bernard’s tyrannical boss (Tony winner Alan Cumming; The Good Wife) fires him.

Alone in his New York City apartment, a despondent Bernard dusts off a jewelry box he finds in their home and unintentionally releases the one entity who just might be able to help him get his family back. Maybe. Possibly. It’s a longshot, frankly. But in the process, Flora and Bernard will discover that love, and an unexpected friendship, can unleash a special holiday magic all its own. 

Genie also stars Screen Actors Guild nominee Marc Maron (GLOW), Screen Actors Guild winner Luis Guzmán (Hightown), Tate Ellington (The Brave), and Tony winner LaChanze (Broadway’s The Color Purple). Sam Boyd (Love Life) directs.

Genie begins streaming exclusively on Peacock November 22. Until then, check back to THS for more updates.

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