If you are a fan of the classic Halloween films, you may scream in excitement when you see this. Premium Collectibles Studios (PCS) has their new Michael Myers – Gold Exclusive Statue available for pre-order. This 1:2 scale statue standing over 40 inches tall pays homage to the 1978 film Halloween. This chilling piece is limited to 150 and if you pre-order from PCS it will retail for $1800. You can pre-order your Michael Myers statue at collectpcs.com.

Michael Myers - Gold Exclusive

Michael Myers – Gold Exclusive

Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Michael Myers 1:2 Scale Gold Exclusive Statue, based on the classic 1978 horror film Halloween.  

Standing at 40.5″ high and 20.5″ wide, this pulse-raising mixed media statue portrays the ruthlessly murderous mental institution escapee Michael Myers as he appeared in the first installment of the iconic Halloween movie franchise.  

Lurking in chilling silence, Myers towers above his victims in a wide, immovable stance atop a detailed environmental base. The base, complete with a realistic asphalt design, features intricately painted skulls and pumpkins beneath his feet.  

Myers’ sculpted portrait features his iconic white costume mask with lifelike faux hair. Behind his terrifying mask lie Michael Myers’ cold eyes, offering a glimpse into the pure evil that lives inside.  

Michael Myers - Gold Exclusive

This sitter-slasher’s custom fabric coveralls recreate his 1978 look with eerie accuracy as he holds a metal knife in one hand while calmly resting the other at his side. His black undershirt and sculpted brown boots finish out his famously frightening look.  

The PCS Gold Exclusive version of this petrifying piece includes an alternate bloody knife deco and light-up jack-o’-lantern proximity accessory. Gold Exclusives also include a statue cleaning kit, metal Certificate of Authenticity, and a chance to win a real 1oz gold PCS collector’s coin as well as a Ruby Ticket worth $300 in PCS loyalty points. 

Let the masked killer come home and add the Michael Myers 1:2 Gold Exclusive Statue to your collection today! 

Michael Myers - Gold Exclusive

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Source: PCS