Rachel O’Toole, the mind behind the captivating environments and just about everything you see on screen in Upload, shares insights into the creative considerations that shape the distinct worlds within the show. From the idyllic realms to the gritty realities, O’Toole’s design approach crafts atmospheres that resonate with the narrative’s thematic essence.

Crafting the Aesthetics of Lakeview and The Real World in Upload

O’Toole elaborates on the design strategies that define the contrasting atmospheres of Lakeview and the real world. She discusses the intentional choices made to create visual distinctions, reflecting the dichotomy between digital idealism and real-world grit.

“So Lakeview, for example, we just push it a little bit. It’s idyllic… And then in the real world, Brooklyn is, it’s grays and blues and blacks and it’s grimeier.”

– Rachel O’Toole

These design choices play a pivotal role in visually communicating the narrative’s thematic contrasts, enhancing the storytelling through atmospheric authenticity.

The Invisible Mastery of Production Design

Upload Season 3
Robbie Amell (Nathan)

O’Toole emphasizes the depth of thought and detail that goes into every aspect of production design. Every element, from the graphics to the set environments, is crafted with precision to contribute to a cohesive and believable narrative world.

“So much thought and detail goes down to everything. And that ultimately in the end, you shouldn’t notice that it happened. Successfully, it should feel like a very real world.”

– Rachel O’Toole

Through Rachel O’Toole’s creative lens, the worlds within Upload come alive with a richness of detail and thoughtful design. Her ability to craft atmospheres that resonate with the narrative’s themes, from the idyllic to the gritty, contributes to a visually compelling storytelling experience. O’Toole’s mastery lies in the invisible details, creating an authentic world where design complements narrative, promising a captivating journey for the viewers of Upload Season 3.

Upload Season 3 is now streaming on Prime Video with new episodes airing Fridays (Thursday nights).