Have you been wondering what’s next for Mark Grayson after the explosive Season 1 finale of Invincible? Well, we don’t have all the answers, but we now have a pretty good idea. Creator Robert Kirkman and Showrunner Simon Racioppa presented the series at New York Comic Con (NYCC 2023) yesterday to the delight of the show’s fans. Season 2 promises to be as bloody, gory, and gut-wrenching as Season 1… And so much more.

Season 2, Kirman tells us, picks up right after the unsettling events of Season 1’s conclusion. Mark starts off in a “dark and upsetting place,” reeling from what transpired with his father. With so much source material ahead of them (144 issues of the Invincible comic in total), Kirkman and Racioppa know exactly where the show is headed. Getting there will be an exciting and emotional journey.

Invincible looks to build on the comics in Season 2

Racioppa is excited to bring more of the emotional scenes and stories from the comics to life. The benefit of the animated series, he explains, is bringing those comic panels “to life in new and interesting ways,” including through lighting, sound, and music. New cast members will also bring the show to a whole new level. Joining the cast in Season are Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime, animated Transformers), Tatiana Maslany (She Hulk), and Sterling K. Brown. Brown, Racioppa promises, will be the “big surprise” of the show.

Robert Kirkman at NYCC 2023 (Image: That Hashtag Show, LLC)

But what about the comic’s over the top blood and gore? Well, Kirkman had an answer for how to handle that in the Invincible series. He simply had to reference Prime Video’s live-action, raunchy, explicit, live-action series The Boys and its offshoot Gen V:

“We’re just going to hide behind The Boys and do whatever we want. Just wait until you see….”

~ Invincible creator Robert Kirkman

Invincible returns to Prime Video for its second season… and a third, thereafter. Season one is now available to stream. For more information on Prime Video, click HERE.