What do you get when Funko and Veve team up? You get a mixed-world physical and digital collection. This week Funko and Veve announced a new collaboration that will not only get you a new physical figure for your collection, but you will also get a matching digital collectible as well. To celebrate this new collaboration Funko and Veve will be releasing an 18-inch Iron Man with a digital collectible. You can check out the official details below.

Funko And Veve Reveal New Physical And Digital Collectibles Featuring Marvel's Iron Man
Funko And Veve Reveal New Physical And Digital Collectibles Featuring Marvel's Iron Man


Funko, Inc (“Funko,” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: FNKO), the leading pop culture lifestyle brand, and VeVe, the largest digital collectibles platform, have announced a new collaboration with Marvel that merges the realms of physical and digital collecting. Releasing on October 18, 2023, the collection features Marvel’s Iron Man as a towering 18” comic-inspired Funko Gold physical figure with a matching digital collectible figure available on the VeVe platform included with every purchase

The first Marvel figure in Funko’s Gold premium vinyl collectible line, Iron Man will be limited to 3,000 pieces, each costing $150. The collection features multiple color variants that celebrate 60 years of the character’s rich comic book history, including the classic red and gold color scheme. Fans will have the opportunity to purchase individually stickered blind boxes which include a code to redeem a free digital collectible NFT inspired by the physical collectible, accessible through VeVe.

Funko And Veve Reveal New Physical And Digital Collectibles Featuring Marvel's Iron Man

“Our approach to collectibles is centered on creating new ways for fans to show off their most treasured IPs,” said Steve Nave, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. “Being able to be a part of Marvel’s celebration of Iron Man through this collaboration with VeVe is the perfect way to show Funko’s commitment to collectability and ability to bring fandoms to fans in all forms.”

Available to download on the App StoreGoogle Play and through the VeVe web app., VeVe fans can buy and collect a variety of Marvel digital collectibles, trade and hunt for rare comic books and display their hard-earned collection through fully customizable virtual showrooms visible to other collectors. VeVe also offers an augmented reality (AR) photo mode that allows collectors to interact with every digital collectible in 3D, as well as share their collectibles through VeVe’s in-app social feed or on external social platforms.

Funko And Veve Reveal New Physical And Digital Collectibles Featuring Marvel's Iron Man

“Our collaboration with both Funko and Marvel allows VeVe to transcend digital barriers by offering a physical counterpart to our highly coveted digital collectibles,” said VeVe co-founder and CEO David Yu. “Funko’s pedigree in the collectibles space shows how to constantly engage fans in a way that makes each experience unique and we look forward to bringing the Iron Man character to life in an all-new way.”

To find out more about Funko’s latest releases, visit https://funko.com/. To learn more about the VeVe app, visit https://www.veve.me/.

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