Fans of tokusatsu series like Power Rangers and Kamen Rider might find that Mr. Villain’s Day Off is the anime for them. This anime adaptation of the Josei comedy manga of the same name by Yuu Morikawa is obviously a parody of such a series. All you need is a single look at the anime’s new PV trailer to be able to tell that. Don’t believe me? Then why not check out that new trailer below, and see what a typical tokusatsu villain gets up to on his days off for yourself?

Mr. Villain’s Day Off: Details

When your tokusatsu villain is a punch-clock villain.

This first official PV trailer for Mr. Villain’s Day Off just premiered on YouTube. As you can see, this anime by animation studios Shin-Ei Animation (Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan) and SynergySP (Taisho Otome Fairy Tale, Sweet Reincarnation) is a rather comedic take on the stereotypical Power Rangers-type show. The main character is a villain who’s working for the ultimate evil bad guy who wants to take over the world and stuff like in the typical Power Rangers show. However, this villain is on a punch-clock. He’s just working in the villain’s organization as part of his day job, and he’s currently on break. So when one of the not-Power Rangers recognizes him in the streets and tries to fight him, Mr. Villain simply brushes him off and ignores him, insisting that he doesn’t want to fight. Breaktime is apparently a serious business for Mr. Villain.

So how will our Mr. Villain spend his break time then? Well, the end of that trailer reveals that Mr. Villain’s Day Off will make its premiere sometime in January 2024, so that’s when we’ll find out. Alas, we don’t know whether Crunchyroll or HiDive will stream this anime. Tune back in later to THS to find out which streaming platform gets the rights to it when we do.

Bonus: Key Visual and Synopsis

Mr. Villain's Day Off Japanese key visual.
You can tell that’s a face that doesn’t care about anything but pandas.

Want a better clue about the story than what the key visual above gives you? Well, Manga Up! has an official synopsis for Mr. Villain’s Day Off, since they’re the ones publishing the manga in English. You can check that out below:

An Evil Organization from another planet is trying to take over Earth. An extraterrestrial from that organization named the “General” tirelessly fights against Earth’s defenders every single day in a battle of life and death!

However, today is his day off.