Prepare to embark on a spine-tingling journey that will keep you wide awake. Shudder’s latest cinematic masterpiece, Nightmare, is a chilling Norwegian film that unfolds with gripping intensity. All while delivering an unforgettable experience through English subtitles. But be forewarned – this film ventures into deeply unsettling territory, ensuring you won’t easily forget its haunting scenes.

Nightmare promises an unforgettable night of suspense and horror, and it’s a thrilling addition to Shudder’s lineup. As you immerse yourself in this gripping tale, prepare to confront your deepest fears and explore the darkest corners of your imagination.


‘NIGHTMARE’ Courtesy of Shudder

In Nightmare’s chilling narrative, Mona and Robby, a young couple deeply in love, find their lives taking a sinister turn. Robby’s dream job has become a reality, and they’ve secured an incredible deal on a spacious, albeit rundown, apartment. They’re undeterred by the daunting renovation ahead, the ceaseless turmoil from their bickering neighbors, or the relentless cries of a newborn next door. However, a far more sinister force lurks within the shadows as Mona’s peaceful slumber is shattered by increasingly terrifying night terrors. These nocturnal horrors escalate with each passing night, casting a foreboding shadow over their relationship. Robby yearns to start a family, but Mona’s growing hesitation stems from her relentless nightmares. Eventually, Mona’s mental and emotional struggles reach a perilous crescendo. She becomes convinced that a malevolent mythical demon, the Mare, is hell-bent on seizing possession of her unborn child.

Nightmare is a psychological thriller that delves into the depths of fear and the fragility of love. Produced by Einar Loftesnes and John Einar Hagen, this gripping tale is masterfully crafted by writer/director Kjersti Helen Raasmussen, promising an immersive cinematic experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur, the darkness within the human psyche is exposed.


'NIGHTMARE' Courtesy of Shudder
‘NIGHTMARE’ Courtesy of Shudder

Don’t let the prospect of English subtitles deter you from diving into this Norwegian film. While some may be hesitant about the idea of reading throughout a movie, rest assured that in the case of Nightmare, it won’t be the subtitles that send shivers down your spine. While a slight language barrier may exist, the mesmerizing visuals of this intense psychological thriller effectively convey the chilling narrative. The language difference won’t be the source of your fear.

Nightmare beckons you into a world where the boundaries between reality and terror blur. And it does so with a powerful visual storytelling that transcends language. Proving that sometimes, the most haunting experiences transcend the limitations of words.


'NIGHTMARE' Courtesy of Shudder
‘NIGHTMARE’ Courtesy of Shudder.

As I delved into the unsettling narrative of Nightmare, I couldn’t help but notice a growing sense of unease that began to grip me. It became clear that the overarching theme of this film revolves around the profound fear of losing one’s body autonomy. Throughout the story, there are poignant instances highlighting the loss of self and body autonomy, primarily from a female perspective. These experiences are further intensified by the portrayal of relationships with potentially overbearing men, and the intrusion of supernatural elements. Nightmare prompted me to contemplate how these themes underscore the subtle normalization of women sacrificing their autonomy in the context of romantic relationships and starting a family. The question arose: does the presence of a malevolent mythical demon, the Mare, exacerbate these issues, or does it merely magnify what is already present in society?

In this psychological thriller, the film compellingly explores the idea of autonomy through an intense lens. It raises poignant questions about societal expectations and the subconscious acceptance of these norms, emphasizing how even subtle power imbalances in relationships can have far-reaching implications. Throughout the story, Nightmare encourages viewers to reflect on these complex and often overlooked issues. This provides a gripping and thought-provoking cinematic experience that lingers long after the credits roll.


Nightmare takes you on a pulse-pounding journey through the unsettling theme of the loss of bodily autonomy, offering a truly wild and thrilling cinematic experience. This Norwegian masterpiece is a captivating blend of horror, gore, and psychological torment, delivering an intensity that’s unlike anything I’ve witnessed before. It’s yet another testament to the prowess of European horror filmmakers, who consistently push the boundaries of the genre and leave domestic counterparts in their shadow.

At times, Nightmare is deeply disturbing. But it serves as a compelling exploration of societal norms, prompting audiences to question what we consider ‘normal’ in our culture. The film invites viewers to delve into the unsettling aspects of human relationships and confront the chilling fear of losing control over one’s body and destiny. It’s a remarkable cinematic achievement that not only terrifies but also encourages thoughtful reflection. It’s a must-watch for those who seek to be captivated and intellectually challenged by the horror genre.

Nightmare will make its exclusive streaming debut on Shudder on Friday, September 29, 2023.

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