For comic enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs alike, the idea of blending two beloved universes can seem almost dreamlike. Enter Comics on Coffee, a brand born out of the dual passions of Tony and Tanya. This power couple has bridged the worlds of caffeine and comics. With their family-owned enterprise, they’ve embarked on a noble mission: crafting premium coffee blends for pop culture aficionados while empowering global farmers through an ethos better than fair trade.

A Blast from Mexico: Blue Beetle Horchata Coffee


Check out the @ComicsOnCoffee #BlueBeetle Horchata Coffee I highly recommend cold brewing as any warm brew seemed to cook out the horchata flavoring. The horchata is a unique and tasty flavoring that works best with a bit of cream and sugar. #Coffee #ColdBrew #DC #DCEU #dcuniverse #DCU #CoffeeTok

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Building on their signature legacy, Comics on Coffee teamed up with DC to introduce the ‘Blue Beetle Horchata Coffee’, celebrating the movie release of BLUE BEETLE, helmed by director Angel Manuel Soto and starring the talented Xolo Maridueña. The product promises a flavorful escapade inspired by the superheroic world of Jaime Reyes, the BLUE BEETLE.

Blue Good, Red Bad

Comics on Coffee Blue Beetle Horchata Coffee

When cold brewed, the Comics on Coffee’s genius blend radiates with notes of cinnamon and vanilla, teasing the palate with hints of the traditional horchata. However, the dominating coffee flavor is paramount. This is where a touch of cream and sugar comes into play. They don’t overshadow but complement the natural taste, highlighting the horchata undertones in a dance of flavors. In a delightful twist of fate, pairing this brew with a Churro Kit Kat amplifies the experience, making it a treat for the senses.

Venturing into the realm of hot brewing, one might find a slight disappointment from Comics on Coffee’s new blend. The warmth seems to eclipse the delicate horchata flavors, stripping them away and leaving behind a more generic brew. It’s a good reminder that sometimes superheroes, too, have their vulnerabilities.

A Reflection of Dedication

Comics on Coffee Blue Beetle Horchata Coffee

Diving deeper into the coffee, it’s evident that every bean has a story. The medium roast, originating from Mexico, encapsulates the essence of its birthplace. This isn’t just a novelty product riding the coattails of a big movie release. It’s a testament to Tony’s dedication, ensuring that everything is hero-worthy from farm to roast to grind. As evident from the packaging and branding, Tanya’s artistic flair and love for DC further solidify the brand’s commitment to quality and passion.

Comics on Coffee Blue Beetle Horchata Coffee is a Truly Heroic Brew

Comics on Coffee Blue Beetle Horchata Coffee

The Comics on Coffee Blue Beetle Horchata Coffee is more than just a themed blend; it’s an experience. It encourages us to relive our comic-loving days while sipping on a sophisticated brew. And while it might require some adjustments (like the suggested cold brew method with cream and sugar), it’s a delightful addition to the morning ritual. Personally, I think it works best as a dessert coffee. Especially if used in an affogato. Here’s looking forward to more adventures on screen and in our cups!

I give the Comics on Coffee Blue Beetle Horchata Coffee, an 8/10.

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