With the AMPTP still in a standoff with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA, and fall just around the corner, it’s a great time to celebrate independent horror projects. And we’ve got a special one to chat about here: Spirit of Fear

Spirit of Fear blends a classic haunted house tale with a Memento-esque mystery: a man wakes up in a suburban home with blood on his arm and no memory of who he is or what he’s doing there. As he begins to explore the house, he finds a series of Post-it notes written in his own hand, bearing ominous messages like “Don’t stay in here too long” and “Don’t let it see you.”  To escape the house – and the evil presence lurking inside – he’s forced to unravel the mystery of his own life and memories.

We sat down with writer/director Alex Davidson and star Christopher Lee Page to discuss the film. Check out our full interview below to learn more about how Davidson mapped out the mystery and thrills of Spirit of Fear, and how Page navigated the unique role – which includes almost no dialogue or interactions with other actors throughout.

About Spirit of Fear

Here’s the full synopsis of Spirit of Fear:

A man wakes in an empty suburban house with no memory and blood smeared on his arm. As he frantically washes off the blood, he discovers that it is not his. He finds sticky notes around the house that read: “Don’t stay in this room.” “Don’t go outside.” “Don’t go downstairs.” Confused, he tries to follow the cryptic messages, ultimately discovering two things. Memories of a mother and daughter that he is somehow connected with, and also a demonic presence living in this suburban house. As he gets closer to solving the mystery of why he is there, the demon grows stronger, testing his will to survive.

Spirit of Fear is available now to rent or purchase on Amazon and Youtube.

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