Fans of SIGONO video games might be aware that they’re making a new OPUS game in the form of OPUS: Prism Peak. The game itself is still a bit of a mystery. The most we had was from their sole teaser trailer for the game back on January 6, 2023. The most we could glean from that teaser was that the game is going to be about a guy, a girl, and a camera. There is going to be photography and something about “letting go”, and that was about it. That is, until now. As you can see by the title, SIGONO just released a new teaser trailer for the game. Don’t believe me? Then why not watch that teaser trailer below, and see just how much more mystifying it is for yourself?

OPUS: Prism Peak ~ Teaser Trailer 2 Details

Honestly, I’m more baffled than before.

SIGONO just released a second teaser trailer for their OPUS: Prism Peak on various platforms, including YouTube. Said teaser shows off some rather mysterious things. We have an old TV set among a verdant ruin, with a flowering plant growing out of it. We then see the girl crouching amidst some dilapidated railroad tracks.

Then the camera cuts to what initially looks like a vending machine. Only, the “vending machine” has a little door in the upper part that opens up into…a furnace? If you look carefully at the bottom of the machine, you can also see a bit of artwork depicting photos or cards being thrown into the furnace, which then goes to a mountain? I presume that said mountain is the Prism Peak in the titular OPUS: Prism Peak, but that’s as far as we can tell for now.

Alas, all we see afterwards is the guy taking the girl’s photo before they both walk off along the railroad, and that’s it. The new teaser trailer doesn’t give us a release date for OPUS: Prism Peak, unfortunately. That’s something we’ll have to wait for SIGONO to reveal later. Tune back in to THS for more SIGONO and other video game news when we get it.