Fans of the hit series Star Wars Rebels are very excited about the new Ahsoka series that was released last week on DIsney+. Not only are we getting more Ahsoka we also saw part Ghost Crew making their live-action debut. Well, I figured we would celebrate this successful release by looking at some collectibles that pay homage to the Ghost Crew. So, Today we are going to take a look at the Hera and Chopper Mini-Bust set from Gentle Giant Ltd.

Star Wars: Rebels – Hera and Chopper Mini-Bust Set

Thanks to our friends over at Gentle Giant LTD. I was able to take a look at Star Wars: Rebels – Hera and Chopper Mini-Bust Set. This is another unique set from Gentle Giant LTD. because not only are you getting the Hera mini-bust the Chopper mini-bust is included as well. This mini-bust set is limited to 3000 pieces and has an SRP of $120. The Hera and Chopper set is available at some local comic shops and at

Hera and chopper

A Gentle Giant Ltd. release! Two more members of the Ghost crew have arrived, in the form of this all-new mini-bust two-pack! Pilot Hera and droid Chopper come together in one box, making this set doubly important for your Rebels (and Star Wars!) collection. Measuring approximately 6 inches and 4 inches, respectively, Hera and Chopper are sculpted in the animated style, and feature detailed sculpting and paint applications. Limited to only 3000 pieces, this set comes packaged with a numbered certificate of authenticity in a full-color window box.

SOurce: Gentle Giant LTD.

Star Wars: Rebels – Hera and Chopper Mini-Bust Set Review

OK, as we already know Gentle Giant LTD. has been putting out some amazing mini-busts and the Hera and Chopper set is no different. So, for those who have read my reviews know that I look at a few things. Those things are packaging, sculpt and paint quality, and displayability. Also, when doing my reviews I like to get the negatives out of the way first, but I can tell you right now this set really doesn’t have many and the ones I do bring up are pretty petty. So here you go, my cons and pros of the Hera and Chopper mini-bust set.

Hera and chopper
Hera and chopper

Cons Of The Star Wars: Rebels – Hera and Chopper Mini-Bust Set

So like I mentioned before I like to get all of the cons out of the way first. But just like the last few mini-busts I have reviewed the cons are really non-existent for the Hera and Chopper mini-bust sets. But if I really have to pick some, these are what they would be.

  • If you are looking for accessory options (like the Bo-Katan mini-bust), you will not get it with this. Both Hera and Chopper come already assembled with no removable parts.
  • There are a couple of faint marks around Chopper’s base. Most of these marks will not be seen when displayed and you really have to be looking to see them.
  • This set is a 1:7 scale set and would be even better if it was at a 1:6 scale like the Cad Bane set.

Pros Of The Star Wars: Rebels – Hera and Chopper Mini-Bust Set

OK, enough of the nitpicking, and let’s get to the good stuff. It is now time to focus on all the good stuff about the Hera and Chopper statue from Gentle Giant LTD. Here is a look at the pros of this set.

  • One of the best things about this set is for the $120 you get both Hera and Chopper
  • The Hera and Chopper set is packaged well. The busts are in a styrofoam block and have plastic around them to protect the paint.
  • If you are a keep-it-in-the-box person the box comes with a picture of the busts on the front. Also, the back of the box gives you a brief summary of the statue and some nice box art. So this set will look good displayed in your collection even if you leave them in the box.
  • The Hera and Chopper set is very easy to set up since there are no removable pieces and they are ready to be displayed right out of the box.
Hera and chopper
Hera and chopper
  • From Hera’s uniform and trademark goggles to the weather and distressed look of Chopper, Gentle Giant LTD. did a great job on the details for these mini-busts.
  • The paint and details on these busts are amazing and it looks like they came right out of Star Wars: Rebels and into your collection.
  • With this mini-bust set being at a 1:7 scale, it is a good size to really stand out in your collection but at the same time, the set does not take up a lot of room.
  • The bases of both busts are weighted really well making them sturdy while they are displayed.
  • Each statue comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.
Hera and chopper
Hera and chopper

My Final Thoughts

As you can tell from this review I am a huge fan of the Star Wars: Rebels – Hara and Chopper Mini-Bust Set from Gentle Giant LTD. Yes, I do think it would be better as a 1:6 scale set but it is still an amazing-looking set. The details, sculpts, and colors on these mini-busts make them look like they jumped out of the TV and into your collection. This is another set that Gentle Giant LTD. knocked out of the park. The Hera and Chopper mini-bust set is a must-have for any Star Wars collector. You will not want to miss out on this set. Also, make sure you keep an eye out for more reviews celebrating characters from the Aksoka series on Disney+.


What are your thoughts on the Star Wars: Rebels – Hera and Chopper mini-bust set from Gentle Giant Ltd? Is this a must-have for your collection? Also, what other items from Gentle Giant Ltd. are you looking forward to? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you.

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