All Elite Wrestling will be hosting its All In event this Sunday live from the historic Wembley Stadium in the UK. It is being dubbed as the biggest wrestling event in the country. With the event being in the UK, the start time will vary for each time zone. If you are on the West Coast it will start at 10 am on Sunday. Here’s the full card for Sunday’s event.

All In could be one of the best events of the year.

The card from top to bottom is one of the strongest sets of matches AEW has put together this year. There will be a total of 5 championships on the line Sunday. The main event is reigning AEW World Champion MJF vs. Adam Cole. The event will have a total of 9 matches for the main card.

Can FTR cement its legacy as the best AEW tag team on the planet?

FTR embracing after winning the AEW Tag Team Championships.

When you think of tag team wrestling as of late, the common theme for what a team should look like is FTR. They are the perfect blend of wrestling harkening back to the days of the Hart Foundation to their own blend of styles. FTR has won every championship that matters in this business. Others will state and believe the best team they have seen is the Young Bucks. They also have won every championship that mattered in this business.

With their style being one of a kind and the Bucks adapting to each match and adversary they face. It’s fitting that now, at the biggest show in the UK we get the third match in this trilogy, yes FTR has that memorable set of matches with the Briscoes, the Young Bucks have wrestled every tag team of the past decade and beaten them all including FTR. This match is much more for FTR, as the Bucks will go down as one of the most influential and important teams in this business while FTR wants to be remembered as being the best wrestling tag team to ever step foot into the squared circle. Here’s to FTR retaining and being remembered as one of the best wrestling teams of the modern era.

Does Stadium Stampede lead to Mox vs. Kingston?

The leader of the BCC Jon Moxley

Yes, we know that Kingston is the Mad King and will make a straightaway towards Claudio, however, I do believe that this match has a deeper meaning for both Kingston and Mox. Both men have been connected ever since Mox’s reign as AEW World Champion, they had their match which he retained. Then came the feud between Mox and Omega where he lost the title and lost in the company’s first and only Exploding Deathmatch. In the closing moments, Kingston returned and covered an unconscious Mox from the explosion. Then they would join forces feuding against Omega and others.

This brings us to the first Forbidden Door event where the BCC (Blackpool Combat Club) would introduce their newest member Claudio Castagnoli someone whom Kingston hates with every fiber in his body. The betrayal he felt by Mox would fuel his anger more. Now we are in at Stadium Stampede with both men captaining opposing teams. The feud will not end in this match as the hated Kingston carries could cost him the match this Sunday but it could also lead to possibly a Mox vs. Kingston match down the road, possibly another Exploding Deathmatch where this reconnection between the two started.

Where is CM Punk and his AEW championship heading?

CM Punk is carrying the championship he never was pinned or submitted for. He has adorned the championship with a black X on it and proclaims it is the Real-World Championship. This Sunday he faces off against a man he does not have the best win-lose record against and that man is Samoa Joe. Going into this match, the thought is that he will retain the championship. These two will have one of the better matches of the night, however, the biggest question will be what does the company and Punk do with this championship? Will they treat it as the main singles championship on AEW Collison?

If so, who are the most likely to dethrone Punk? Or could we finally see a feud between Punk and Hangman or any of the members of the Elite? Definitely not. The best option is for the company to allow Punk to carry this version of the championship for the rest of the year and build towards his rematch with the man he should have faced for the title in MJF. What better way to close this chapter of their feud than to have both men put their championships on the line at the event they held their infamous Dog Collar match, AEW Revolution next year in January?

Speaking of MJF, does he finally lose the championship to best friend Adam Cole?

Could these men win the ROH Tag Team championships before facing off for the AEW World Championship?

Does he lose? I love Adam Cole since he does in PWG and ROH, but I truly hope MJF retains so we do get that unification championship match between MJF and CM Punk. Can Cole pull off the upset, absolutely especially given how all of us fans are waiting to see who will turn on whom? Remember they will be teaming up during the preshow to challenge the Aussie Open for the ROH Tag Team championships. We also have the impending involvement of Matt Taven, Mike Bennet, and Roderick Strong.

Could we see Cole using his former friends/allies to help him capture the championship? Or will we get a swerve where they cost him the championship and thus lead to Cole feuding against his former stablemates? I would not put it past the Devil of Wrestling MJF to manipulate and use them to cost Cole the match while keeping his reign intact while he sets his sights on ridding CM Punk and his claim to the championship.