Circle 6 Wrestling was founded by the blood, sweat, and hard work of wrestlers who are usually giving their best craft in the art of Deathmatch and Hardcore wrestling. Some names include Atticus Cogar, Bobby Beverly, Eric Ryan, Jacob Fatu, and Juicy Finau, men who were with the company since its inception. While more recently, we have had the privilege to welcome AJ Gray, Matthew Justice, and Akira. Now, the company prepares as it will open its violent ways to one of the most world-renowned and legendary Deathmatch/Hardcore competitors in history as the Bulldozer Matt Tremont is set to debut for the company on its September 1st as Circle 6 Wrestling presents (Sic)Est of the Six live from Chicago, IL.

Two of the best in the industry team together for the first time.

Tremont is currently one of the most feared and respected competitors in the artform. His matches are legendary and as bloodied as any diehard fan would want them to be. The more you deep dive into the Deathmatch/Hardcore aspects of independent wrestling, the more likely you will find his name. Being a 15-year pro and capturing multiple championships across every promotion he has competed in. Along with championships on his mantle, he is the only wrestler to win all the major American Deathmatch tournaments: Tournament of Death once, Masters of Pain once, and King of the Deathmatch twice. Accomplishing this feat as earned the nickname “Grand Slam Champion” of the deathmatch. His accolades do not stop in the ring as he is also the founder of H2O Wrestling, where he is frequently featured and continues to influence the generations of today and tomorrow.

Matt Tremont after one of his casual weekends.

It is safe to say, with the impending arrival of the Bulldozer to Circle 6 Wrestling, no one on the roster is safe from his pave of destruction. Now, with the company already staking its claim as one of the best, if not the best, promotions to provide Deathmatch/Hardcore wrestling in the industry, they now have one of the most influential wrestlers of the past 15 years to inflict more violence and provide even more blood to the company. Has Tremont feuded and matched up with some of the aforementioned wrestlers?

Yes, but who would not want to see those matches again in the company that provides the most consistently best Deathmatch/Hardcore style of wrestling? Give me Tremont vs Casanova Valentine in Barroom Blitz. Tremont vs. Vinnie Massaro and Tremont vs. Justice would be ridiculous in all the right places. Any matchup would top billing for himself and the company. However, I do believe with him in the company, the likelihood we get Matt Tremont vs the face of the company in Atticus Cogar is inevitable. Circle 6 Wrestling has had a tremendous year. This addition will further cement the foundation and legacy they leave within the Deathmatch/Hardcore community.

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