Superman debuted in his first feature film back in 1951. While the Dark Knight waited over a decade for his feature film debut. At that time, other heroes were starring in their films. But these heroes weren’t leaping off the pages of a comic book. Rather, they were leaping off the top ropes. We are talking about the iconic Mexican Luchadores. They were not only thrilling audiences in the ring but also on film. This kind of cross-promotion allowed their wrestling personas to become larger-than-life heroes for kids in Mexico and around the world.The legendary Blue Demon, for example, was featured in many comics and over 27 films. Some of these films include:

“Blue Demon Contra Las Arañas Infernales”
(Blue Demon vs The Infernal Spiders)

“Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Los Monstruos”
(Santo & Blue Demon vs The Monsters)

“Blue Demon Y Santo Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo”
(Santo & Blue Demon vs Dracula & The Wolfman)

Blue Demon’s iconic blue mask has been featured on murals, tattoos, and so much more.

The mask continues to breathe life through Blue Demon Jr., who continues that tradition of his father and is now looking to expand, bringing Lucha Libre back into the spotlight of pop culture. Blue Demon Jr. is now partnered with Exile Content Studio and Moxie 88 to bring his likeness back to comics, television, animation, merchandising, and film on a worldwide scale.

They are working on a film with Blue Demon Jr. titled “The Demon”. Then at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, they also revealed the cover of their new comic book with artist Raul Valdes.

At this year’s Comic-Con, journalist Manny Gomez spoke with Blue Demon Jr. about his legacy and the projects in the works. Along with him was also the screenwriter duo of Dan Carillo and Eugenio Villamar. During our conversation, we discussed the importance of bringing Blue Demon Jr. and Lucha Libre back into the spotlight. They also share with us what we can expect from the new comic book and some notes about the feature film. One of my favorite moments in the interview is when Blue Demon Jr. spoke about the importance of never taking off the mask.

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