Have you ever wanted to possess your very own Captain America shield in LEGO form? Not only that, but as a life-size replica to boot? Or at least, as close to life-size in the Captain America films as you can get? Well, now your desires are about to come true all thanks to the Lego Group to boot.

LEGO Captain America’s Shield: Details

LEGO Captain America's Shield 3D box art.
There’s a reason why the box says this LEGO set is for ages 18 and up only.

The Lego Group has officially released their LEGO Captain America’s Shield set. This is a nearly life-sized replica of Steve Rogers’ iconic and nigh-indestructible shield straight from his Marvel Cinematic Universe films. And when I say “nearly life-sized”, I really mean it. This massive LEGO set consists of a grand total of 3,128 separate pieces, and when completed measures a whopping 18.5 inches in diameter, or 47 centimeters for everyone outside of the USA. It’s just slightly smaller than the official canon size of Steve Roger’s vibranium shield (30 in/76 cm), but only slightly. It even comes with its own stand so that you can proudly display the shield in an upright position, as it was meant to be.

LEGO Captain America's Shield size diagram.
Official diagrams don’t lie.

Finally, there are some neat little bonuses that come with the LEGO Captain America’s Shield set. It’s Captain America himself but in LEGO Minifigure form. He looks adorably tiny compared to the massive shield, but you can still pose him next to said shield for the giggles. The minifigure even comes with his own tiny version of the shield and even Thor’s Mjolnir hammer for some reason. Guess LEGO Steve Rogers borrowed it from Thor?

Clearly, Ant-Man has been experimenting on Captain America with his shrink ray.

So when can you purchase this LEGO Captain America’s shield? Well, as of this writing: right now. You can purchase this LEGO set directly from LEGO.com. Just to warn you all though: this LEGO set comes with a price tag as hefty as the shield itself. It’s a hefty $199.99 for the set. If you’re a diehard Captain America or MCU fan, or if you’re just interested in massive LEGO sets, then this might be the LEGO set for you.