When you saw that new trailer for The Marvels a week ago, did you wonder about the adorable figure potential? Maybe you might’ve been imagining what everyone would look like as chibi figures? Well, you probably weren’t, in all likelihood. But if you were, then don’t worry. Funko has your back here. You know, since they’re well-known for making those adorable bobbleheaded figures?

The Marvels: Funko Pop Figures Details

Funko Pop Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel/Photon figure in box.
When you absolutely need all the Marvels in chibi form.

Funko is proud to unveil a whole bunch of new Funko Pop figures featuring Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Photon. All to promote the upcoming The Marvels film, of course. You’ll be able to watch that film on November 10, 2023; so it’s still a bit of a ways away. In the meantime though, you can prepare for it by checking out these adorable Funko Pop figures of them. You can check out the full list of thse figures below:

The Marvels Funko Pop Exclusives

Photon (Glow): Previews Exclusive

Funko Pop Photon (Glow).
Perfect as a cute night light.

Ms. Marvel / Captain Marvel / Photon: Target Exclusive

Funko Pop Ms. Marvel / Captain Marvel / Photon.
I can almost imagine cartoony versions of their theme songs playing.

Captain Marvel: Target Exclusive

Funko Pop Captain Marvel.
It looks like even chibi Captain Marvel wants to throw it down.

Ms. Marvel (Fighting Stance – Glow): Funko Exclusive

Funko Pop Ms. Marvel (Fighting Stance – Glow).
Even chibi Ms. Marvel looks like she wants to beat some bad guys up.

Ms. Marvel (Embiggen Punch): Funko Exclusive

Funko Pop Ms. Marvel (Embiggen Punch).
Oh hey, you could totally put this Funko Pop figure in front of the one from before and make it look like they’re fighting themselves.

The Marvels Funko Pop Commons – Pre-order at Entertainment Earth / Hot Topic / Amazon