With the first 10 issues of Melissa Flores’ run of Power Rangers and the parallel Power Rangers Universe titles are leading up to something huge! The Darkness is coming, the darkness being DARK SPECTER!

They’re HERE!!!!

Death Ranger, Death Wild Force Rangers, Dayne, and a massive army of Thralls. What’s the only thing the Omegas can do? They MORPH & FIGHT!

Back on Earth

Mistress Vile just lays the magical smack on Vessel. Leading the corrupted Matt o bring Grace along for the revelation of a lifetime.

An Unlikely Morphin Meetup

The Earth Rangers try to track down Matt and save Grace to find nothing except The Z Ranger shows up and insists they team up to stop the oncoming evil. They decide to divide and conquer The Rangers following Mistress Vile to the Bermuda Triangle and Zedd takes off to Safehaven in Serpentera.

The next few pages fly by with all the action you don’t realize you’re at the end, or is it the beginning?

You need to get out and get this book today!

Thoughts from THE GRID

Wow! Melissa is just killing it! As I said, in just 10 issues, she has turned the whole darn grid on its ear. New characters, new lore, new rangers, returning characters, and more! She has been given one of the biggest toy boxes to play in and somehow has pulled out exactly what we didn’t know we wanted or needed! What’s also great for me is that I always have to come up with a title for these articles, but this one was right on the cover!

We have been leading up to the return of Dark Spector for a long time now back during the split runs of Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers. Let’s just hope that with this frantic pace, we’ve taken to get to this point at just 10 issues, it doesn’t resolve just as quickly.

Seeing Serpentera back in the panels was awesome! I don’t recall seeing this design. Does it have to do with Zedd’s new form as a Ranger? it’s giving off a more Megazord vibe than the massive stoic tower of a Zord we’re accustomed to.

Using the Bermuda Triangle as a plot device for Master Arch was just smart writing! Using the Zeo Crystal and Mistress Vile’s strange connection to the grid to corrupt it and bring back Dark Spector just ties a huge evil black velvet bow on everything.

If you don’t get this issue, you are missing out!

Prelude the Covers!

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