It’s been a little over a month since Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment revealed the Star Wars Outlaws trailer to the world. Since then, there has been plenty of speculation and buzz around the game. The deepest look we’ve gotten at the game so far is the official gameplay walkthrough trailer that dropped in June. This week, Massive and Ubisoft are giving fans some behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Star Wars galaxy for the game. The new video features footage and details on how the development team built iconic and new locations in Star Wars Outlaws. There is no new gameplay shown, but it is still interesting to get a small peek behind the creative process. Be sure to follow us here at That Hashtag Show for more details on the game as they are revealed.



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It appears part of the adventure across the galaxy will make a stop on at least one familiar planet, Tatooine. This news will certainly divide fans. While many will be happy to once again visit the iconic Star Wars location, there will also be a few naysayers who are over the desert locale. The developers do mention they aren’t looking to just recreate the location. This is welcome news, but it will be interesting to see what they do with the classic location.

On the topic of bringing Tatooine to life in the game, Outlaws‘ art and world director, Benedikt Podlesnigg had this to say. “It’s not just about recreating Tatooine as you know it. Going back to the classic sources of spaghetti westerns, we tried to recreate an authentic mood and feel as we build new points of interest to follow the already established history.”

Given the timeline of the game set between ESB the ROTJ, and Jabba the Hutt being at full power, it’s not surprising that an aspiring smuggler might find their way to Tatooine and Mos Eisley.

Star Wars Outlaws


Another piece of exciting news from the behind-the-scenes video is that a new planet is being added to Star Wars lore as part of the game. Toshara is a new planet created just for the game in collaboration with Lucasfilm. The team explains in the video that Toshara is inspired by the African Savannah. A unique characteristic of the planet is the fact that it’s defined by the wind. Everything on Toshara will be shaped by this environmental characteristic. The flora, fauna, and also its citizens will all be impacted by the strong breezes that pervade the planet. Getting a new planet in Star Wars is always exciting. Fans will certainly be anxious to get to explore Toshara when the game releases.


Are you excited about Star Wars Outlaws? What do you think about the process used to create the locations in the game? Also, what are your expectations for the game? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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