If you’re unfamiliar, every week on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. Former Monstervision host Joe Bob Briggs and his co-host Darcy The Mail Girl; feature two movies that sometimes tie in together. This weekend marked the end of Season 5. Things get ended on a high note; with a double feature of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (AKA Let Sleeping Corpses Lie or Don’t Open the Window) and Day Of The Dead.

Going Out With A Gutteral Moan At The Last Drive-In

In typical Joe Bob fashion; we get a highly requested movie. Along with a surprise feature we didn’t even know we needed.

I doubt most people were anticipating or expecting The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, but it is a fun movie. There were some decent gore effects, and it was fun to watch with a group. Especially to laugh at some of the more unintentionally funny parts of the movie.

The real gem of this season finale was George Romero’s Day Of The Dead.

Day Of The Dead Cast

Day Of The Dead is a bonafide classic. Luckily, in addition to showing the movie. Joe Bob and Darcy managed to have a small cast reunion for the movie; with Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, and Jarlath Conroy joining the two to discuss the movie. I will always argue that Joe Bob’s greatest strength; is his ability to really connect and talk to people on a deep and interesting level. This brings out a ton of insight into the movies he’s discussing. This was no different; and made for an excellent episode of The Last Drive-In and dare I say, one of my favourites.

And of course, no spoilers, but the bit and song at the end of the Day Of The Dead segment. Legendary.


While The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue was not the biggest draw of the episode, it entertained enough. However, the big draw for this season finale was Day Of The Dead. With Joe Bob and Darcy tapping into what makes The Last Drive-In so great; we got a truly memorable episode and a fitting conclusion to the season.

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