After a bit of a break, The Last Drive-In is back, and so is The Last Drive-In Review, and this time we’ve got loopy Darcy, an annoyed Joe Bob, and enough aquatic horror to keep you entertained.

Each week, Joe Bob and Darcy bring a pair of movies that often defy good taste and logic, but at the end of the day prove to be entertaining. This week on The Last Drive-In, the crew showcased both Sharknado and Amsterdamned.

Making Aquatic Horror Work

When I heard there would be an aquatic-themed double feature I couldn’t help to think of so many different movies that would qualify but admittingly, these two movies worked! I wouldn’t call Sharknado a classic per se, but it’s a fun ride and fits in well with that horror exploitation subgenre that The Last Drive-In loves.

Amsterdamned The Last Drive-In Review
Peek A Boo!

Amsterdamned was a whole lot of fun, and assuredly a first-time watch for many. The movie was a ton of fun as well and featured cool kills and action sequences. Like Joe Bob, though, I had issues with the ending of the movie, but hey, it all makes for a good discussion!

We Need To Talk About Darcy

There’s been much discussion of Darcy in this episode, and while she was certainly loopy, much to Joe Bob’s chagrin. It’s hard to say if she was stoned, obviously, no one but Darcy would know for sure; but it made for a distracting set of segments. It was funny at times; but like Joe Bob, I was getting a bit annoyed. Again, hard to say why Darcy was like this, but it lost a lot of the charm of why many like The Last Drive-In. There were a few funny moments, but it felt off otherwise.


Both movies provided a solid, if unexceptional, return to The Last Drive-In. Darcy’s loopy behavior aside, it was a fun set of episodes.

The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs airs live on Shudder TV on Fridays at 6 PM (PST); If you miss the live airing, episodes are archived and posted the following Sunday.

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