Viewsonic is at the forefront of projector technology and they make some of the best machines out there. Now, they’re billing the X2-4K LED projector as the first that’s been certified for Xbox. It’ll be available in the US in July, starting at $1599.99. The model was first announced back in March alongside a non-shirt throw model called the X1-4K, which isn’t available for sale yet.

This is the first projector from the Microsoft “Designed For Xbox” program. It’s an initiative that works with other manufacturers to make sure their accessories are compatible with Xbox consoles. According to Microsoft, the program already covers over 15 categories like headsets, gamepads, and displays.

Here’s a video of the projector in motion from ViewSonic.

Now this doesn’t mean that your Xbox won’t work with almost any projector out there. It just means that this one was designed to be a gaming projector first and to work with Xbox. According to Viewsonic’s senior business line manager Mia Shen, it ‘went through 63 tests conducted by Team Xbox to ensure ultimate console compatibility.”

The features like being able to control projector features like power and volume through the console aren’t exclusive to Xbox, they’ll work with any of the current gaming consoles.

The biggest Xbox theme for the device is the color scheme. It is styled in the classic green and black of the original Xbox. It’ll match with most of your Xbox consoles, besides the Xbox Series S.

More Specs And Features

Viewsonic says that the X2-4K can produce up to a 100-inch display when placed just 1.5 meters (about five feet) away from your wall. That’s what the “short-throw” means on the title. It’s also incredibly bright offering 2,900 lumens of brightness. It’s equipped with two HDMI ports and a pair of 6W Harmon Kardon-branded speakers. Those HDMI ports use HDMI 2.0, not 2.1. It outputs at 60Hz when showing 4K content and 120Hz at 1440P. That might not be a huge limitation because few games can fully max out at 4K 120 Hz on the Xbox.

This projector looks like it’s perfect for someone who wants something to match their Xbox schemes. It does end up being a bit pricy at $1600, but you can pick one up from Viewsonic directly here.

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