Paul Di’Anno originally came out swinging about Ghost’s cover of “Phantom of the Opera” on their EP Phantomime. He’s since deleted those comments and changed his tune a bit. Here’s the original comment he made about the song.

“Everyone asking my opinion on the ghost cover of phantom well not that it matters but it fkn sucks.”

He’s now changed his position, saying that he shouldn’t have been so harsh initially. He went even deeper with Loaded Radio, talking about what he actually doesn’t like and likes about the new cover.

“The music’s great. I just don’t think Tobias fucking tried hard enough vocally. He sounds a bit plain… And he changed the lyrics slightly… That was a bit weird.

When I first heard it, I was probably in a bad mood that day. I said, ‘This is fucking bullshit.’ But I’ve listened to it about three or four times. [The music is] pretty damn good, actually, to be honest with you.

But as I said, I just feel like Tobias didn’t give it some welly [using British slang for ‘energy’], as we say… Give me some fucking welly.”

Phantomime is a new EP of just covers from Ghost featuring songs like “Jesus He Knows Me”, “Hanging Around”, and Tina Turner‘s “We Don’t Need Another Hero”.

Paul Di’Anno sang for Iron Maiden on their first two albums Iron Maiden and Killers. He then went on to a successful solo career and still makes music to this day. He’s dealt with some health issues over the years, but he can still get on stage every once in a while.

Here’s Ghost’s cover of “Phantom of the Opera”.

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Source: Loaded Radio

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