It’s been a bit since we’ve had any news out of Cannes Film Festival, but this is some huge news for horror fans. Terrifier 3 has officially been greenlit and bought for worldwide sales by The Coven. Deadline had the first report.

Director Damien Leone and producer Phil Falcone will return for the third film. While plot details are unknown, David Howard Thornton and breakout star Lauren LaVera are both expected to return. Filming is expected to start in November or December 2023 and be ready for release in late 2024.

Here’s what Damien Leone had to say about it.

Terrifier 3 will be another boundary-pushing addition to the horror genre, continuing the no-holds barred, uncompromising exploits fans of the franchise have come to expect and celebrates. If you thought Art the Clown’s reign of terror in Part 2 was extreme, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Priscilla Ross Smith, founder of The Coven had this to say about the greenlit sequel.

“There will be a much bigger budget this time around, which is intended to give the filmmakers more creative freedom, and let them be as wild as they can be. And, all jokes aside, we are going for that Oscar this year.”

Terrifier 2 was a runaway success at the box office last year with a media campaign highlighting people throwing up and passing out in theaters. It garnered $15M worldwide at the box office on a much smaller budget.

We’ll have to see how the third Terrifier film turns out.

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Source: Deadline

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