This past Saturday, WWE held its Night of Champions event live from Saudi Arabia. Credit to the company, as this event was one of the more well-received events ever held in Saudi Arabia. WWE has had two great PLE back-to-back.

Here are the quick results from the event.

Seth Rollins defeated Aj StylesTournament Finals for World Heavyweight Championship.

Trish Stratus defeated Becky Lynch singles match

Gunther (c) defeated Mustafa Ali singles match for the Intercontinental Championship

Asuka defeated Bianca Belair (c) singles match for the RAW Women’s Championship

Rhea Ripley (c) defeated Natalya singles match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Brock Lesnar defeated Cody Rhodes singles match

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeated The Bloodline (Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa) tag team match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

Where does Bianca go from here?

Asuka capturing the RAW Women’s Championship

Bianca Belair had the longest reign in RAW Women’s championship history come to an end at the hands of The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka. Bianca has been one of the best champions since she first began her reign. She has improved in the ring tremendously since her NXT days. Now, she finds herself in new territory. She will obviously get a rematch for the championship; however, I do not think it is the right time for her to win it back just yet. She could be a candidate for the Money in the Bank briefcase, something usually held for the heels. Regardless of the road she takes to get back to the championship, it will be entertaining television as she has been regarded as one of the best women wrestlers going in the company for well over a year.

Cody vs Brock 3 will happen, but where does his story go from here?

Cody attempting to escape another Kimura attempt from Brock

To say the Cody/Brock feud is entertaining will be an understatement. I’ll sign up for Peacock each month when you give me our once-in-a-lifetime wrestler like Brock Lesnar in feuds he is delivering in. Cody is in the best position when he is wrestling when his back is against the wall. Entering this match, Cody had a “broken arm,” and he still managed to pull out a fantastic match with Brock. When Brock is invested in a feud, you can see it in his matches.

This feud should wrap up nicely with the 3rd match in the trilogy. Each wrestler holds one win a piece, so it is inevitable that it will all come to a head in the 3rd match. Now where will this 3rd match be held? On a special edition of RAW? Money in the Bank in London? That is a nice setting, but how does Cody get back to Roman if he does not win the briefcase in this event? Will they elongate this trilogy into the summer and culminate at the biggest event of the summer, Summerslam? What is Cody’s future once this feud ends, if he faces Brock in London, how does he circle back to Roman, or does WWE have another champion in mind for Cody to finish his story with?

Seth Rollins wins; how long can we expect his reign to last?

Seth Rollins is now the first man to win every World Championship in WWE

Sometimes, the most logical decision is the best decision. Seth Rollins is one of the men who have carried this company for the better part of 3 years, if not more. No matter the position he was placed in, he would find a way to make it work and deliver. He is the sole person to have a win over Roman Reigns via DQ that was basically swept under the rug even though the history both men have. He carried the United States Championship and make it the top title on RAW when the show had no World Title.

It is only fitting that once the announcement of World Heavyweight Championship tournament was announced that he would be the odds-on favorite. Then he was spotted filming for the new Marvel movie: Captain America New World Order as a member of the Serpent Society. Many fans took it as a sign that just maybe he would not win.

Oh, how happy all of us was when he captured the championship in one of the best openers to a Premier Live Event in recent memory. The bigger question, as mentioned early, is just how long can we expect this reign to last? Who will be his first feud for the title? Looking at the RAW roster, he has countless matches to have, with the likes of Damian Priest, Finn Balor, Matt Riddle, and Drew McIntyre, to name a few.

After Monday Night RAW, it does seem that the first set of challengers Seth will be facing off will be against the trio of Judgement Day. in reality, this is the best start to his reign, as Seth and Finn did face off in the finals of the RAW portion of the tournament. Damian Priest has been one of the best big men workers, and a match with Seth would only further elevate his position on the roster.

The dark horse of the trio will be Dominik Mysterio, as he is one of the most over heels in the roster however, is he really ready to be the one to take the championship from Seth? Here’s to Seth having solid matches against both Damian and Finn. Who knows, maybe we get Seth vs Dominik at Summerslam if Seth beats the other two before the event. I really hope Seth holds onto the championship, at least until Survivor Series. This gives him roughly 6 months with the championship to elevate it. If I was booking the championship, I would have Seth run through the listed names, with the top two candidates to end his reign being either Gunther or his recent/most memorable rival Cody Rhodes. Here’s to the Summer of Seth being a fantastic ride.

The Bloodline is finally cracked, did we have the wrong Uso beating Roman all along?

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens in the main event of Night Of Champions, rekindling their feud.

A lot of fans’ biggest fear coming into this event was the fact that WWE could possibly give Roman Reigns even more championships. When this match was announced, it was going to go one of two ways, the Bloodline breaks or Roman victorious yet again. Yes, WWE does not have a good track record of progressing their storylines, and with this being one of the best stories in wrestling today, some had no idea on how would go after the Cody defeat at WrestleMania.

I remember at the media scrum, they mentioned they were only in the 3rd inning, and they knew what they were doing. Not only did we get another emotionally driven match between the core members of the feud, but the closing moments were just perfectly done. We get the usual run-in, which I will not lie had me hoping we would not hear Roman’s music play as the victor, this time we get an agitated Roman shoving both his cousins Jimmy and Jey Uso, which leads to probably the Superkick heard around the world.

The pop that Jimmy received when he landed the Superkick on Roman, brought back memories of the Chair Shot Roman received when Seth turned on The Shield. The facial expressions Jey had were priceless, and the chef’s kiss of the closing moments was Jimmy grabbing Jey and stating, “I am doing something you should have done a long time ago”. If we remember correctly, Jey was the one who elevated himself in his feud with Roman to the point he was never to say I quit in their classic “I Quit” match, a match he only lost because Roman got Jimmy into his guillotine submission for which the love of a brother cost Jey to say I Quit.

The layers to this storyline and feud now between the Usos and Romans will carry into the summer. Were we wrong in picking Jey to end Roman’s reign? Will it be Jimmy? Or will the story go back to that specific night in the “I Quit” match where we get a scenario in which Roman hurts/beats Jimmy so badly that at that point, Jey finally snaps and returns to his Main Event Jey persona to finally end the reign of terror Roman Reigns has had for over 1000 days? Here’s to another fantastic few months of storytelling which in turn will lead to the main event of Summerslam in Detroit, Michigan.

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