One of the most popular Adult Swim shows ever, Metalocalypse, has left the streaming service HBO Max/Max. It’s the newest tactic in the streaming landscape to avoid paying residuals to the people who made them. It means that NOTHING is safe on streaming.

The series ran for four seasons when it originally aired and then featured a television special that was released about a year after the main show ended. This is only the beginning of shows being removed from the platform. This cost-cutting strategy comes straight from the top of Warner Bros. Discovery with David Zaslav, the new CEO.

Ever since he took over the company, they’ve done some of the most heinous and egregious acts when it comes to cutting content. They’ve canceled entire movies when they were nearing completion in the case of Batgirl. They also cut other shows for tax breaks, sending them to a place where no one can watch them outside of piracy.

They’ve not the only company to start cutting content from streaming services to avoid paying residuals though. Last week, Disney announced several of its original series would leave the platform in the coming days. The new Willow series was among the long list of content being cut. This practice leads to a huge issue where in the realm of TV that is extraordinarily competitive, shows that don’t immediately find their audience, will be left to the dustbin.

Metalocalypse Is Brutal And Hilarious

The series follows the band Dethklok, a band bigger than anything else known to man. The amount of power they have allowed them to have their own police force, any product they endorse sells out immediately, and at one point they were the world’s seventh largest economy. It’s a scathing commentary on the indulgent and backward lifestyles celebrities live. It’s also a great celebration of metal music and the hilarity that comes from that genre.

If you want to watch Metalocalypse right now, you can still do so with ads on the Adult Swim website or available to stream on Hulu.

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