XO, Kitty is the latest installment from Jenny Han and Netflix! The series serves as a spin-off of the wildly successful Too All The Boys movie series as we leave Lara Jean behind and follow the youngest Covey sister, Kitty. 

XO, Kitty is a charming and heartwarming coming-of-age story about a young girl who is trying to navigate the complexities of high school, friendships, and relationships. As a fish out of water, I love that the series chose to tell Kitty’s story in the style of a K-Drama. If you watch shows like Business Proposal or Crash Landing Into You, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 


If you remember, at the end of the last To All The Boys movie the Covey family heads to Korea to connect with their late mother. While there, Kitty meets a boy, Dae. Over the last couple of years, Kitty and Dae have created a long-distance relationship, and Kitty is ready to take it to the next level. So, she applies to the prestigious K.I.S.S. Boarding School that Dae goes to, but also as a great selling point it’s also where her late mother went to school as well. So, Kitty manages to convince her father to let her go!

This series has all the K-Drama, drama, but in a more inclusive way. We don’t just have mean girls, we have girl power and friendships. We don’t just follow Kitty and Dae’s love story, we follow her friends. These relationships also don’t just stay heteronormative either. That said, if you’re worried about the love stories gett risqué everything stays really PG. It’s not even like watching a Teen Show on The CW. I also love that we get the K-Drama slow-mo moments. 

Taking XO, Kitty out of the States and to Korea was an excellent choice. This way we get to explore the country, a foreign boarding school, and cultural differences, as well as having scenes in Korea forcing you to read subtitles. This adds an extra layer of awkwardness for the viewer and for Kitty. You get to relate to how she’s feeling in the moment because we’re all a little lost. Anna Cathcart as Kitty is also incredibly likable. So, no matter what happens or predicament she gets herself into you’re always rooting for her.


XO, Kitty features a talented cast of young actors who bring the characters to life. Choi Min-young is a well-known Korea Actor who is not unfamiliar with teen drama. He is absolutely fantastic as Dae, but for me, it’s truly his friend group that stands out. Sang Heon Lee plays Min Ho, the rude rich kid who has no love loss for Kitty. Anthony Keyvan (Love, Victor) does a great job of playing the kind Quincy. I love the dynamic of the 3 friends and the way the show expands on their characters makes them more than just sidekicks. 

We even get adult drama from the parents which I won’t go too much into because I wanna leave it as a surprise. Just know…it’s full fledge K-Dramarama. 

I did find the series to have small pacing issues towards the middle, but overall, XO, Kitty is a delightful and enjoyable show that is sure to resonate with viewers of all ages. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone looking for a fun and heartwarming show to watch.