This week on The Last Drive-In, Darcy and Joe Bob decided to tackle Mother’s Day with a selection of movies that (mostly) worked.

The double feature this week included The Babadook (2014) and The Muthers (1976).

Monsters And Mothers

The Babadook The Last Drive-In
One Of The Few Times In The Movie Samuel Is Not Screaming

Leading up to the episode airing I predicted that The Babadook would be one of the films on The Last Drive-In, especially on the heels of Tigers Are Not Afraid last week. I ended up being right, and Joe Bob even managed to use the two as a means to discuss child actors and the different methodologies to shield them from the potentially horrifying subject matter. Always keeping things educational!

I mentioned this to a few other Mutants, but I haven’t re-watched The Babadook since its release nearly a decade ago, and it was well due for a rewatch. The movie still holds up, and just like it was in 2014, Samuel is still insufferable. As Joe Bob pointed out though, he has an innocence about him even as you’re annoyed by his constant screaming.

While both movies lacked any guests, at least The Babadook had some interesting commentary from Joe Bob and Darcy, pertaining to the movie, its cultural impact, and the idea of ‘elevated horror’.

Pirate Exploitation

The Muthers The Last Drive-In
Ready For Action

The second film was The Muthers, and it seemed like a very bizarre choice. Considering that it seemed removed from the horror genre. We’ve had other films that are not fully considered horror in the past on The Last Drive-In but at this point, the genre and the show are so intertwined that it seems almost a bit strange to get anything but a horror movie. The Muthers is more of an exploitation kung-fu film that admittingly Joe Bob said he was very adamant about showing.

While many either may have been tempted to or did turn off the program, which this movie started; those who stuck around were treated to a bizarre action movie with lots of gratuitous nudity and violence. Something that The Last Drive-In prides itself on.

The movie while not quite a Mother’s Day movie, which as Darcy pointed out really only has the loosest of connections to the holiday as per the title.


The Babadook felt like a perfect fit for Mother’s Day. While The Muthers didn’t; both proved to be a fun enough time at The Last Drive-In with engaging commentary from Darcy and Joe Bob throughout.

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