Disney+’s Crater tells the story of five kids who go on a space adventure to a legendary crater before one has to leave for another planet. Sounds familiar to the tales of The Goonies or other coming-of-age stories. For the global press conference for Crater, we were joined by McKenna Grace, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Orson Hong, Thomas Boyce, and Billy Barratt. They were joined by moderator Jim Viscardi.

Right off the bat, the group dove into what they had to do to prepare for the film, including Moon camp.

Isaiah had this to say about it:

Yeah, and not only that.  We did, all together, six weeks of prep to get this spacesuit fittings and the harness stunt training as well.  Like, for four of those weeks, we worked with the team at Legacy to help build our spacesuits. And so make sure they looked like real, functional spacesuits and as realistic as they possibly can look.  Also, for the last two weeks, we worked with Dave McCumber and his stunt team to help us, you know, look like real astronauts and perform like real astronauts in low gravity.  And most of that was actually harness work.  They made sure our spacewalk looked as realistic as possible.  And I feel like we’ve accomplished that.

(L-R): Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Caleb, Mckenna Grace as Addison, Thomas Boyce as Marcus, Orson Hong as Borney and Billy Barratt as Dylan in CRATER, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Disney. © 2023 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

McKenna Grace plays Addison in the film. She helps them get into the actual rover they’re riding in for a portion of the film.

Addison joins the road trip a little bit late.  She has the codes for the rover, so you know, that’s my in.  But I feel like she’s kind of pretty smart.  I think that she’s looking out for the guys in a way.  They make a lot of decisions with things on the moon [laugh], and she has a lot of math and logic sometimes, which I think is very helpful.

Thomas Boyce plays Marcus, and he had something to say about the comfort of the actual rover they were in.

See, the seats in the rovers weren’t very comfortable unfortunately.  Like, there wasn’t, you know, a lot of padding.  I would said, like, maybe some, like, reclined chairs. You know, seating in the back ’cause, like, Marcus and Borney, they weren’t the ones, like, driving.  We’re up there with Caleb and everyone.  So, we kinda sat in the back and those seats were not very comfortable, I’d say.

The group made special mention of space ice cream being delicious and almost better than regular old Earth ice cream.

Finally, on the topic of the group and their camaraderie, Thomas had this to say.

We have so many crazy stories, like, just [laugh] like, it’s so wild. During, like, the shooting of all this, like, let’s say, like, I believe, like, the call time would be, like, seven.  And then, we’d been done by, like, maybe, like, six.  I know I was the oldest, so I had to stay, like, an hour later than you guys most days.  But we were on set with each other the entire time.  And then, like, wherever we’d go home, we were always with each other.  Like it was almost like having a sleepover for us.

Crater releases on Disney+ on Friday, May 12th!

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