As you may or may not have known, Dave Filoni of The Mandalorian renown is working on his own feature-length Star Wars film. Kathleen Kennedy herself confirmed it at this year’s Star Wars Celebration. As is the norm for Lucasfilm and Disney, there’s a lot of secrecy around this new film. Heck, we don’t even have a title for it yet. Fortunately, Filoni himself is here to save the day. Mostly by giving us a whole bunch of teasers about what he plans for his upcoming Star Wars film.

Dave Filoni’s Star Wars: Details?

'The Mandalorian' key visual from IMDb.
Anyone else hearing “Vode An” in the background?

Empire has just released a very interesting story about Dave Filoni’s mysterious new Star Wars film. According to Filoni himself: his new film will tie into the Mando-verse (currently consisting of The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, the upcoming Ahsoka, and the also upcoming Skeleton Crew) in some way. Not only that, but Filoni plans to use his film to unite a bunch of famous characters from said Mando-verse. Filoni explicitly mentions that Din Djarin, Ahsoka, and Grand Admiral Thrawn will be part of that list of famous Star Wars characters. Already, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a pretty epic film.

The Culmination of the Mando-verse?

However, Dave Filoni is still intentionally vague about whether his new Star Wars film will conclude the Mando-verse or not. The only thing he will confirm is that it will be a “defining moment” for said Mando-verse. What he means by that is something only he knows. We can only guess at it for now. You can read Filoni’s full quote on the subject of his upcoming Star Wars film below:

Culmination is an interesting word. The way I look at it, there are [small] stories, and then there’s the big story of the day, too. A New HopeEmpire and Return Of The Jedi tell the important parts of the tale that really define the history of the period. There are all kinds of sub-stories underneath that. We’ve been building all these small stories. To me, a theatrical experience has to have a big idea – a monumental moment in the time period that changes what’s happening. What Tony [Gilroy] has done [in Andor] and what we did in Rebels, everything then changes when Luke blows up the Death Star. You’re looking for those moments that define an era, and that’s what the films really should be about – whether it’s characters coming together, or a defining moment.

Unfortunately, what Dave Filoni isn’t giving us is a release window for his upcoming Star Wars film. Presumably, that will come later. Tune back in to THS to find out that release window when we eventually do.

Source: Empire

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