All’s fair in love and war (with artificial intelligence). Shailene Woodley and Jack Whitehall star in Robots, a new sci-fi comedy from NEON.

In the world of the movie, we see a not-too-distant future where human-like robots are tasked with handling menial labor jobs. But some people also make robot doubles of themselves for other purposes. Whitehall’s Charles and Woodley’s Elaine each have their own robot double, who they send on a date with one another. But when the robots fall in love and decide to run away together, their human counterparts aren’t too happy.

Check out the trailer for Robots below.

Here’s the official synopsis of the movie from NEON:

Charles is a womanizer while Elaine is a gold digger. The duo learn humanity when forced to team up and pursue robot doubles of themselves.

The film comes from writers/directors Art Hines and Casper Christensen. Hines is known for his work on several Sacha Baron Cohen films, including Borat and Bruno. Christensen’s credits include Klovn and Jerks.

Robots premieres in select theaters and hits VOD May 19.

Jack Whitehall and Shailene Woodley in NEON's 'Robots' poster

So, what did you think of the trailer? Have you prepared for the robot uprising? Let us know in the comments below.

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