The first wave of James Gunn‘s new vision for DC might have been revealed a bit early. Collider is reporting that the cast of the upcoming animated series within the new DCU timeline will feature the voice talents of Sean Gunn, Frank Grillo, Maria Bakalova, Indira Varma, Zoe Chao, Alan Tudyk, David Harbour, and Steve Agee.

In the comic series, the Creature Commandos team works under Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). If these characters ever show up in live-action, they’ll be played by the same actors. Now with Agee’s involvement as John Economos, it seems like they’re tweaking it a little bit for him to be the team coordinator. Sean Gunn is reprising his role as Weasel but also plays G.I. Robot. The team features Rick Flag Sr. (Grillo), Weasel, Princess Ilana Rostovic (Bakalova), The Bride (Varma), Nina Mazursky (Chao), Dr. Phosphorus (Tudyk), Eric Frankenstein (Harbour), and G.I. Robot.

Now that these characters are here, we can all start speculating when they’ll show up next or in live-action. As for the Creature Commandos themselves, who are they?

The Creature Commandos Cliff’s Notes

The seven-episode show will focus on one of the more eclectic teams in DC history, The Creature Commandos. It’s one of the central pieces of DCU’s new “Gods and Monsters” arc. It’s the first of a two-part story to be told in the coming decade from DC. James Gunn has written every episode of Creature Commandos. If there’s someone that knows how to get people to care about a ragtag team of random C-level comic book characters, it’s James Gunn. He also did the absolutely fantastic The Suicide Squad for DC in 2021.

Think of the Creature Commandos as a more monster-focused version of The Suicide Squad. So, what do you think of this news about Creature Commandos?

We’ll have to see how they turn out. There’s no release date for the show currently.

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Source: Collider

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