Star Wars Celebration 2023 is wrapping up today, but not before offering fans one more, big piece of news. Lucasfilm did indeed confirm at the panel for the show today that The Bad Batch would return Season 3. The surprising catch, catch, however, is the fact that show’s third season will be its last. Sure, its sophomore season was a bit uneven. Notwithstanding, the show still delivered with a handful of poignant episodes, most notably ‘Truth and Consequences,’ ‘The Outpost’ and, of course, the season finale, ‘Plan 99.’

The Bad Batch Season 3
RIP Tech… (?) (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

‘Plan 99’ was gut wrenching, on several levels. First, it saw Doctor Hemlock succeed in capturing Omega. After risking so much and surviving a life on the run to protect her for so long, everything came crumbling down in an instant. Wrecker, especially, with his often child-like demeanor and connection to Omega, was devastated. Hunter, though, was even more distraught. He was already the leader of the Bad Batch when he became Omega’s de facto father figure. Now, he’ll do anything to get her back.

Season 2 cliffhanger promises an exciting final season of The Bad Batch

Of course, Season 2 ended with a double dose of loss. Tech ended up having to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the team. However….  Star Wars characters never seem to actually die. Whether the brains of the Bad Batch gets his own “somehow, Tech returned” moment in Season 3 remains a mystery. As much as I like the character, I honestly hope he doesn’t. The trope is tired; we’ve already gone through it once with Echo. Hopefully Tech’s sacrifice will be the catalyst for an amazing third season.

The Bad Batch Season 3
Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

All signs are pointing the Bad Batch seeking out and uniting wayward clones in the final season. Ultimately, we’d expect the series to culminate with an all-out clone assault on Mt. Tantiss to free both Omega, Crosshair, and all the other clones upon whom the creepy Doctor Hemlock has been experimenting. Still, there are so many questions. Where is Crosshair’s mind after the events of ‘The Outpost?’ Omega has a “sister.” What she does with that newly found revelation is anyone’s guess. And will we see a younger Dr. Pershing? (The timing of that might be a little outside his age window for the Star Wars universe, but hey, we’ve seen stranger things….)  All in all, we’re already looking forward to the third and final season of The Bad Batch. Are you?

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