Personally, I love that in a world where we’re discussing nepotism babies, Rob Lowe said, “Hold my beer”. The new Netflix series, Unstable is written by and stars Rob Lowe and his son, John Owen Lowe, along with the creator of Better Off Ted, Victor Fresco. Fresco’s style is all over this series. It’s got the office quirk and loveable oddball characters of Better Off Ted and hilarious scenarios of Santa Clarita Diet


I really enjoyed Unstable. Rob Lowe (Parks and Rec)  is always and forever charming. I know he started as a heartthrob, but I love when he does comedy. It’s so against type and he’s able to use his natural charisma to land every awkward joke. The role of Ellis Dragon, an eccentric biotech innovator, is surprisingly perfect. 

The dynamic between Ellis and his son, Jackson has to hit close to home. Jackson, played by Lowe’s own son, is trying to avoid his father. He finds him to be an egomaniac, overshadowed, and trying to find his own way while always feeling like a disappointment. In a way, Unstable seems like a form of therapy between the two – even if fictionalized. 

The storyline of grief after the loss of Elli’s wife, Jackson’s mother, is a good catalyst to force the two characters into the same room. It adds more tension, uncomfortable conversations, and heart to a series that could easily be fluff. 


wsUnstable. (L to R) Sian Clifford as Anna, Aaron Branch as Malcolm, Alison Becker as Allison in episode 103 of Unstable. Cr. John P. Fleenor/Netflix © 2023

Just like with a lot of comedy series similar to Unstable, the side characters steal the show. Aaron Branch plays Malcolm. He’s Jackson’s childhood best friend who is incredibly obsessed with his father. The lab rats are Ruby (Emma Ferreira) and Luna (Rachel Marsh). I love that there are women in science running everything. They’re smart, funny, and unexpected.

Sian Clifford (Fleabag) plays Anna, Ellis’s right-hand lady. She’s in charge of raining in his crazy, while also trying to keep the company afloat. I also see her as a possible love interest for Ellis in future seasons. She’s the calm he needs in his storm.

I love watching everyone navigate Ellis, while also trying to live their own lives. It fleshes out the series and adds levity when needed. 

Unstable is now streaming on Netflix! Check it out!