Love Is Blind is back for a fourth season, and with love in the pods swirling, we figured it was a great time to look back at three seasons of love, loss, and chaotic energy as we assess which couples were all the buzz for the right reasons. Those who were bland, bad, or unmemorable. With, of course, a lot in between.

The show captures our attention with its colorful cast of people finding love, and while some leave a good impact on the show and its audience, others don’t.

To count for this list, the couple needs to have left the pod; any relationships that happened inside the pods, but never got engaged; or any that happened outside the main season either when the cameras stopped rolling or on an After the Alter special (i.e. Deepti and Kyle, or Salvador and ‘Jessi’) do not count.

If you haven’t seen Love Is Blind‘s three seasons, consider this a SPOILER WARNING.

17. Diamond Jack And Carlton Morton

This couple literally eeks their way onto the list, and not for great reasons. For one, they didn’t survive their honeymoon. Mostly because Diamond found out that Carlton was not heterosexual. On one hand kudos to the show for having someone go against hertonormative stereotypes. However Diamond approached the subject with a complete lack of empathy and tact, undoing any progressiveness that we were seeing. Couple that with Carlton’s explosive defense, and this couple fizzled out in a fast (and problematic) fashion.

16. Kelly Chase And Kenny Barnes

At best, Kelly and Kenny were unmemorable. At worst, they were often times showing disinterest in even each other and seemingly let on in a handful of moments that both of them lacked a significant connection. Which became very obvious when it came to the alter; they didn’t say yes. Ultimately, if you were invested in this couple, it was a very clear path that they were on that was leading them to a not-so-surprising conclusion.

15. Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams

Unlike Carlton and Diamond, this couple made it back from their honeymoon getaway but ended their run shortly afterward. Which marked an early end to the incredibly awkward couple. Shaina went on to be a thorn in another couple’s side (at least allegedly), and Kyle re-emerged and let his feelings for Deepti known in the reunion; but alas, together this couple fizzled out fast.

14. Sikiru ‘SK’ and Raven

While many rooted for this couple; especially as they seemingly started to build a strong connection over the season despite seemingly not having the deepest connection. A rejection at the wedding gave us agony, and a rekindling of romance at the reunion gave us all hope. However, SK’s rumored infidelity threw all of this into question as many (myself included) doubt if their spark and romance were ever genuine. Ultimately it dampened any sense of accomplishment we shared with this couple.

13. Jessica Batten And Mark Cuevas

Jessica was the shows original ‘villain,’ and with that status, she consistently brought up the age gap between her and Mark; all the meanwhile flirting with other men on the show, most notably Matt. Mark’s complacency and seeming struggle to make the relationship work in this one-sided relationship made them an even more obviously off-pair.

12. Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez

This couple faced many issues throughout the show and even as many fans called their relationship not working out, to no one’s surprise they unsurprisingly didn’t last. They may have started strong enough, but by the end of the season, I don’t think many people were surprised when Salvador said ‘No’ to Mallory.

11. Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones

Throughout Season 2, we all saw that this couple was plagued with issues. They got married, but it seemed that the issues weren’t resolved. They later appeared on both the reunion and the After The Alter special and again they had their issues. So unsurprisingly when the couple divorced, many were not surprised that they were never able to make their marriage work.

10. Giannina Gibelli And Damian Powers

There’s usually at least one couple on each season that’s essentially the equivalent of two oncoming trains. You know where their relationship is headed, and you hope the damage is minimal, but the outcome seems bad. This was made infamous in Season One with Giannina and Damian. They had many explosive moments throughout the season, and their wedding day turned into something else entirely. Even when you thought they were done, they reconciled during the reunion, and After the Alter showed that Damian had moved on. Both have since moved on, and Damian even appeared on Perfect Match. They perhaps were never meant to be, but throughout Season 1 they were not in the discussion.

9. Lauren Speed-Hamilton And Cameron Hamilton

In one of the original success stories from the show, the couple was if anything too stable! They handled all of their challenges well, communicated perfectly, and made it from start to finish without many issues. Sure, it’s nice to see that the experiment can work, but also, to watch them wasn’t overly exciting and you never really doubted that they weren’t going to make it. As good of a couple as they are, they were relatively very bland in a show with many colorful personalities.

8. Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson

Throughout the second season, many had doubts that this couple would last. Nick came across as very controlling, and Danielle didn’t take to that well, but against those odds, they did get married to many people’s surprise. They appeared to be OK at the reunion as well as at After the Alter, but ultimately Danielle did file for divorce. While there are rumors about why they didn’t work; it’s still a shock to see considering that many thought they had overcome their issues.

7. Zanab and Cole

Cole and Zanab are an interesting couple in that many fans were unsure where they’d ultimately land. While they seemingly had moments where they were at odds with each other, they had moments where they seemed to bond. They appeared to many to be recovering from some of their setbacks; however, Zanab poured everything out in an emotional confession at the alter that left many, audiences and Cole included, stunned.

6. Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee

Shake is the villain of the show’s second season, with his unwanted unpopular opinions and horrid body shaming; he was always going to be hard to root for but the fact that Deepti was able to take the high road and come out of the show a true Warrior shows that she was the strongest elements of Season 2.

5. Colleen and Matt

Some people like to doubt Matt and Colleen considering that they fought quite a few times throughout most of the third season and as of the reunion still didn’t live together. However the truth is they made their relationship work thus far; perhaps that won’t last forever but based on how they are as is, they have managed to beat the odds.

4. Alexa and Brennon

Alexa and Brennon were never really at risk of their relationship failing or not getting married; but at the same time they’re always fun to watch and while a sure thing, they were always fun to watch and follow their journey.

3. Nancy and Bartise

I apologize in advance for my hot take, but I actually liked Bartise in Season 3. He had great energy and paired well with Nancy initially. While an exciting and fun couple, the two ran into compatibility issues outside the pod. At the altar, it was a tough call for him to make, but Bartise said ‘No’. Although nothing will beat the wild outcome of Bartise’s saying ‘No’ at the Alter. While some lambasted him for his choice, he made the tough call based on the concerns he had. It made for an engaging wedding day for sure.

2. Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen

Shayne was a welcome honest reprieve on the show. Someone who spoke his mind, perhaps to his detriment. He wore his heart on his sleeve, and that was perhaps his undoing but in a weird way you wanted him to succeed. He and Natalie seemed on the right course, but a fight the night before their wedding led to Natalie saying ‘No’ at the wedding. Despite trying to make a relationship work, they ultimately have decided to keep some space between the two. They occasionally have spats on social media, but there was a brief time when we all thought they’d work and oddly despite their issues, I still find myself rooting for them either individually or as a couple.

1. Amber Pike And Matt Barnett

The original success story alongside another couple, Amber and Matt endured a lot more and seemingly thrived from it. The biggest is Jessica’s continued attempts to court Matt and steal him away from Amber, but Amber is passionate and strong and even called out Jessica for this. Amber even dropped the bomb at the reunion that she considered divorcing Matt at some point, but ultimately didn’t. So despite weathering many highs and lows, they managed to make it work and stay together. Not only do they stay together but they manage to also stay away from the show’s drama post-filming, which honestly may be for the best.

That’s it for my picks. What are your favorite couples from the show?

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