It looks like BOOM! Studios is giving us another new Power Rangers comic in the form of Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless. This new Power Rangers comic though seems a bit different from the usual Power Rangers fare. For one thing, it’s got a touch of horror going through it. It’s something more reminiscent of Kamen Rider than Power Rangers, I think. However, that same touch of horror could make this one of the more interesting Power Rangers comics we have had in a while.

Power Rangers Horror: For Want of a Coin?

'Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless' main cover art by Dan Mora.
Is all this really just because they’re poor? Is this an allegory for poverty, or am I overthinking things?

BOOM! Studios is proud to announce their new Power Rangers comic: Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless. This new comic will be a 40-page one-shot comic featuring the Power Rangers in a new horror setting, all to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Adam Cesare (Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal) is the writer behind this new comic, with Moisés Hidalgo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Dark Blood) as the artist, Arthur Hesli (Heavy Metal Magazine) as the colorist, and Ed Dukeshire (Irredeemable) as the letterer.

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless will go on sale on June 28, 2023. You can preorder this comic at your local comic book shop. If you don’t feel like walking though, then you can also download the comic digitally on that date from digital content providers like comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle.

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless ~ Variant Cover Art

As if that announcement wasn’t enough, BOOM! Studios has also provided cover art for us to admire. You can see the main cover art above by Dan Mora. However, we also have a pair of variant cover art by Goñi Montes (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and Stephanie Hans (Journey into Mystery). You can check both of them out below:

'Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless' variant cover A art by Goñi Montes.
Did Pink Ranger…just take her head off?
'Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless' variant cover B art by Stephanie Hans.
I’m getting the feeling Pink Ranger is the star of the show here for once.