If you don’t want some Mandalorians coming after you, don’t read ahead if you haven’t seen Chapter 19 of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian: Bo Katan Throne Picture

Well, after an action-packed episode last week, we get an almost hour-long episode this week. Din got majorly messed up TWICE last week, and Bo-Katan had to save him twice. However, that script flipped, and Din had to save Bo-Katan and convince her not to take on a squadron of TIE Interceptors by herself. That absolutely thrilling section was the best of Star Wars wrapped into one package. It had western elements, science fiction, and some good character development for Bo. It even had Grogu being absolutely adorable throughout the fight.

As for the rest of the episode, we got more with Dr. Pershing and his life since helping out Din and Co. to attack Moff Gideon’s starcruiser. This section was about as close as we’ll get to Andor‘s style within The Mandalorian. That might turn off some viewers who were looking forward to more action and less dramatic flair. I had no problem with this section, though. It helps build out that while the New Republic might be shiny and clean looking, they operate in that same gray area that the Rebel Alliance did. it was no mistake that they kept repeating “this isn’t the Empire” throughout the middle section of the episode.

It felt a lot like the scene at the end of A Clockwork Orange with Pershing being “recommissioned” through shock therapy. Officer Kane was fantastic throughout this section as well. Her motivations are unclear, but Katy O’Brian was great in her role. She had musical cues that evoked similar ones from the Sith and Emperor Palpatine. It appears that’s where this whole thing is building to. Palpatine was infamously cloned in Rise of Skywalker, so we’ll have to see.

Din Djarin AND Bo-Katan Reinstated?

The final section of the episode showed off Din and Bo-Katan meeting back up with the convent of Mandalorians. They provided the proof of the waters of Mandalore and BOTH were reinstated. Is this a power play by Bo-Katan to bring back the glory of Mandalore? She’s seen that the planet might be bombed out, but is liveable. We’ll have to see what her motivations are going forward in the series.

This was a pretty good episode that might turn off some viewers. This is a long season though, and this all might come back in the end.

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