Cogar/Wentz III is a matchup that neither man can afford to lose.

Atticus Cogar is the current and defending Circle 6 World champion. It is not a surprise that he is the current and the company’s first champion. He did risk his career leaving a top independent at the time, to become the face of Circle 6. We can look back and say he made the right decision from all he has accomplished. Headlining the company’s first show in Los Angeles, being the face of the company, and having fantastic matches not only in deathmatches but traditional singles competition.

He would carry all this momentum to capture the championship in the company’s historic ladder match. Since then, he would go on to defend the title numerous times. However, after the defenses, he still has one thorn which is diving deeper and deeper as his reign continues. He has unfinished business. A man who has an even win-loss record (1-1) against him in singles competition.

Circle 6 World Champion Atticus Cogar

Zach Wentz the thorn that has inched closer and closer to obtaining his first world title in his career. After his successful stint in WWE’s NXT where he would become a two-time Tag Team champion. He returned to the indie scene in May of 2022 at Circle 6 “It’s Not What You Think” where the first person to welcome him back was Atticus Cogar.

Now, many thought this was a one-time meeting between the two, and some might even have thought he was going to pin Cogar, but this was not the case as he would go on to lose this match. No one imagined the bitter blood feud that would become from this sole night in Orlando. These men would meet again in singles competition in Los Angeles where Wentz evened the series at (1-1). Anyone who follows the company knew it was destined that they would meet in a trilogy as for both men to move forward, a decisive victor needs to be crowned.

Challenger Zach Wentz

Three Stages Of Hell In Cleveland

This leads us to March 11th in Cogar’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. We get the most influential trilogy in Circle 6’s history. For the final-time, champion Atticus Cogar will face off against Zach Wentz in a “Three Stages of Hell” match with the hope of putting a definitive stamp and end to what will go down as Circle 6’s most important trilogy.

One of the best promo videos of the year.

Three Stages of hell is a best 2 out of 3 falls match with increasingly dangerous stipulations as you reach the 3rd fall. 

The first fall will be a lumberjack match where the Locker room will surround the ring to keep both men and the action inside the ring. If they happen to go outside, the wrestlers outside the ring are free to do as they will with either man. 

The Second fall will be a Strap Match. Both men will be tied together by the wrist with a 12 ft leather strap that they are able to use as a weapon in any way they can imagine. 

If the match makes it to the 3rd fall, that fall will be contested under Last Man Standing rules. No pinfalls, No Submissions. The only way to win is to incapacitate your opponent to the point where they can not stand to their feet by the time the referee reaches the count of 10.

I have been fortunate enough to watch Cogar since he dominated the independent circuit. I was there live when Wentz win the PWG tag team championship. Both men will do whatever it takes to walk out of Ohio as champion. Will the legacy live on for Wentz? Or will Sliver Teeth Satan have a few tricks up his sleeve? We will find out this Saturday, March 11th live from Cleveland, Ohio.

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