Do you ever have stress dreams about forgetting to do your homework or falling behind on an assignment? (Even if you haven’t been in school for years?) That’s the spirit behind Cram

The horror flick captures the stress of writing up a final term paper… but something even more sinister than grades and looming deadlines lurks in this library. Get ready to study like your life depends on it.

Check out the trailer for Cram below.

Here’s the official synopsis for Cram:

We all do what we gotta do to pass – except Marc. Desperate to finish his final paper, he struggles to cram all night in the library. After dozing off, Marc awakens to discover that his paper has vanished! Looking for answers and a way out of this nightmare, Marc is drawn deeper into the mysterious and enchanting stacks. Alone in the library (or so he thinks), Marc is easily frightened and considers giving up. But the library has other plans for him…

Cram stars John Dimino, Brandon E. Burton, Rolando Chusan, and Carolina Do. It comes from writer/director Abie Sidell.

Terror Films distributes the feature, which will hit digital March 17. (And remember, don’t miss your deadline like Marc.)

Cram poster

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