I Shall Survive Using Potions! might be familiar to fans of Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! and Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement. After all, all 3 Japanese novel series turned light novel series turned manga series were all written by the same author: FUNA. It’s pretty safe to say that FUNA’s work is pretty popular, since the latter 2 series received anime adaptations over the past few years. So really, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I Shall Survive Using Potions! is getting its own anime adaptation. The only real mystery here is why it took this long.

I Shall Survive Using Anime?!

'I Shall Survive Using Potions!' teaser visual.
I wonder what all those potions taste like?

Crunchyroll is announcing that I Shall Survive Using Potions! will finally receive an anime adaptation. Unfortunately, they have precious few details about this anime at this time. 2 of them, in fact. The most important of these few details, though, is that said anime will premiere sometime this year in 2023. Probably mid to late 2023 due to the timeline. However, even that’s just speculation for now. So take it with a grain of salt until we hear anything official.

The other important detail is the casting for I Shall Survive Using Potions!. We have the Japanese voice actresses for 5 of the main cast. You can check out the full list below:

  • Kaoru voiced by Rin Kusumi (Hiyori in Slow Loop)
  • Francette voiced by Tomoyo Takayanagi (Mira in Asteroid in Love)
  • Emile voiced by Moeke Koizumi (Shiho in ODDTAXI)
  • Belle voiced by Haruki Iwata (Mahiru in Revue Starlight)
  • Layette voiced by Natsuki Kitagawa

Unfortunately, that’s it as far as I Shall Survive Using Potions! details. We don’t have any details of the production staff, or even which animation studio will be animating this anime. That’s something we’ll have to find out later when they tell us. Tune back in to THS later to find out those details when we do. In the meantime, you can enjoy the synopsis of the I Shall Survive Using Potions! light novel from J-Novel Club below if you want a taste of the story:

One day, the supervisor in charge of watching over Earth was taking care of a distortion, when they made a mistake that caused Kaoru Nagase to lose her physical body. Not only that, but reincarnating her into a different, less culturally advanced world is the only thing they can offer to do for her. Not one to take this turn of events sitting down, Kaoru makes a demand: the power to create potions at any time she pleases, with whatever effect she wants it to have—and it doesn’t stop there either. She asks for a magical Item Box, the ability to understand and speak every language, and the same body she had back when she was a fifteen-year-old girl. Using her newfound powers, Kaoru has to try and make a stable life for herself in a whole new world!

Source: Crunchyroll News