Did you know that HBO Max had a Batman live-action prequel series called Pennyworth? Apparently, it’s up to season 3 now, and it got fairly positive reviews from critics. Unfortunately, it appears that season 3 is all this show is going to get. What with HBO Max cancelling it outright now.

No More Young Alfred Pennyworth for Us

'Pennyworth season 3' key art from IMDb.
A pity. It does look wonderfully trippy.

The Hollywood Reporter has just come out with the news that HBO Max will not be renewing Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler for a season 4. In fact, HBO Max will be cancelling this live-action prequel/alternate universe to Gotham outright. This seems to be in stark contrast with the other live-action DC series on HBO Max: Doom Patrol and Titans. HBO Max is apparently giving both DC series a final season to conclude their storylines, but apparently, Pennyworth is just getting the axe outright. Which also means that HBO Max will no longer have any live-action DC series after Doom Patrol and Titans have ended.

So why is Pennyworth getting the axe so suddenly? Well, we don’t know. The Hollywood Reporter mentions nothing about why HBO Max is cancelling the series. Neither HBO Max nor its parent company Warner Bros. Discovery are giving any official explanation either. All we know is that season 3 of this series just recently finished last year on November 24, 2022; and that’s the last we will see of it. Any loose ends in the story or cliffhangers left by that final episode of season 3? Well, the only place we’ll get conclusions to them will be in fanfiction. Tune back in to THS later to find out if Warner Bros. Discovery or HBO Max does give us an official explanation for Pennyworth‘s cancellation when we do.

In the meantime, if you want to revisit that final episode of the now-final season 3 of Pennyworth (or if you want to watch this series for the very first time), then you can do so only on HBO Max.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter