E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo or Electronic Entertainment Experience, depending on who you ask) has always been trying to be the biggest event in the video game industry. After all, it’s always been where the biggest names in the industry showed off their newest video games. Recently though, COVID-19 has been the bane of the event, resulting in the 2021 event being online only, and the outright cancellation of the 2020 and 2022 events. This year, however, E3 2023 is finally back for its first physical event in 4 years. It’s just a shame that the biggest names in video gaming won’t be there.

E3 2023: A No-Show for the Gaming Giants?

E3 2023 logo.
Well, that’s a major blow right from the start.

IGN has just come out with the news that the video gaming industry giants of Sony, Xbox (and by extension Microsoft), and Nintendo will not be part of E3 2023. According to them, “multiple knowledgeable sources” claim that not only will this trio of video game giants not be part of this first physical E3 event in 4 years, but they won’t even have a presence there. Not so much as a booth, banner, or even a sign apparently. So if you were looking for information about upcoming games from them like Rise of the Ronin, Starfield, or Pikmin 4; then you’re unfortunately out of luck.

So why the no-show from the gaming industry giants trio? Unfortunately, none of the aforementioned video game companies have any official response to this. We can only speculate as to why they’re not showing up at E3 2023. For their part: IGN speculates that it may have something to do with how ReedPop is handling the event. It seems that ReedPop is really rushing things here. They only just contacted video game companies in Fall 2022, promising to book them spots by December. Even then though, a “knowledgeable source” claims that there’s still a lot of “missing information” from ReedPop. It might just be a lack of confidence in the organizer that’s resulting in this no-show.

Even worse, we don’t even know which video game company will even show up at E3 2023. All we can do is wait and see who shows up at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 13, 2023 through June 16, 2023. And pray that whoever does show up is able to get even a fraction of the hype missing from the event. All thanks to that no-show from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Source: IGN