You know how the English dub for Trigun Stampede is soon going to make its debut on Crunchyroll? Well, it seems that Crunchyroll is trying to hype it up by revealing who will be voicing who for said English dub. At least, for the main cast of this reboot anime.

Trigun Stampede English Dub Cast: Details

'Trigun Stampede' English dub key art.
Just for fun: this will be Johnny Yong Bosch’s return to stepping into Vash’s role.

To hype up the English dub of Trigun Stampede, Crunchyroll is announcing a list of voice actors and actresses who will be voicing the main cast of this reboot anime. I previously reported that Johnny Yong Bosch was returning to play Vash the Stampede himself. Now it seems we’re getting the rest of the main cast, along with the ADR director, who will be Jeremy Inman (Golden Kamuy, Saga of Tanya the Evil, DECA-DENCE, ID: Invaded). Check out the list of English dub voice actors/actresses below:

That’s not all though. Just in case you were interested, Crunchyroll also has a list of additional ADR cast for said English dub of Trigun Stampede. Aside from the aforementioned Jeremy Inman, that is. You can check out the full list of ADR production cast below:

  • ADR Director: Jeremy Inman
  • Assistant ADR Director: Dallas Reid
  • Lead ADR Engineer: Paul Cline
  • ADR Script Writer: Macy Anne Johnson
  • ADR Script Supervisor: Tyler Walker
  • Assistant ADR Engineers: Kim Morton
  • ADR Prep: John Van Doren