The Midnight Meat Train is one of the most underseen horror films out there. The film directed by Ryuhei Kitamura is based on a short story by horror legend Clive Barker. Our friends at One Take News sat down with Kitamura to talk about his new film The Price We Pay, but the conversation naturally drifted towards Midnight Meat Train and Clive Barker adaptations.

Kitamura mentioned an idea for a sequel to Midnight Meat Train and rolled with it.

But one day, he came to the set when I was shooting and he went “Hey, I came up with the title. Butcher’s Boy“. Butcher’s Boy – Midnight Meat Train 2, that’s pretty cool. I don’t know, anything is possible in this world so maybe someday?

He also talked about wanting to adapt the Xbox 360 game Jericho, which Barker also wrote. These might not be massive developments for a sequel to Midnight Meat Train or any other Clive Barker adaptation, but it shows that there’s still interest and a want to adapt his stories.

Most recently for Barker, we saw Hellraiser get a new film from Hulu, and there’s still the Hellraiser TV series in the works at HBO.

Check out The Price We Pay on VOD on January 13th.

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Source: One Take News

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