When it comes to Back to the Future collectibles Hot Toys has been bringing the heat. Now Hot Toys is giving us a first look at their new sixth scale figure accessory the DeLorean. The DeLorean is the perfect piece to join the Doc Brow and Marty McFly sixth scale figures. the DeLorean Time Machine retails for $825 and is available now at SideShow.com. You can check out the unboxing video and official details below.


Having upgraded the DeLorean time machine, Doc Brown persuades Marty McFly to travel from 1985 to 2015 with him to help Marty’s future son. However, when they return to 1985, they discover that they have accidentally altered their own timeline and turned Hill Valley into a chaotic dystopia. It’s up to Marty and Doc to repair the space-time continuum.


Inspired by the classic blockbuster film Back to the Future II, the DeLorean Time Machine 1/6 Scale Figure Accessory by Hot Toys features screen-accurate details and includes foldable wheels to recreate the vehicle’s iconic hover mode.

The highly detailed DeLorean Time Machine 1/6 Scale Figure Accessory is approximately 28 inches long and has functional gull-wing doors. LED light-up features can be found on the headlights, rear signal lights, wheel rims, undercarriage, and on the reactor cooling vents. Interior cabin controls also have LED light-up features on the dashboard, Time Circuits Display, overhead panels, flux capacitor, and system display. Realistic cables run across the body and over the engine cover, including the Mr. Fusion energy reactor, nuclear reactor, and reactor cooling vents.


The DeLorean Time Machine 1/6 Scale Figure Accessory is scaled to fit Hot Toys’ Marty McFly and Doc Brown 1/6 scale figures and comes with a specially designed vehicle base so that it can also be displayed in hover mode.

Take a trip any time with the DeLorean Time Machine 1/6 Scale Figure Accessory by Hot Toys. Available to pre-order from Sideshow.


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Source: Sideshow