There is a new rumor circulating that has Star Wars fans pretty excited. According to the rumors a new TV series is moving into production. Given the general success of the various Star Wars series on Disney+, hearing a new one is in development is not a huge surprise. Also, not surprisingly, this new series is being led by Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau. Details on the series are little to none, with only a working title “Ghost Track 17”. As always, until otherwise announced, this is a rumor so should be taken with the appropriate grain of salt.


The biggest question fans have about this new series, is what will it be about. With Filoni and Favreau being involved in the project, the natural assumption is the series will be part of The Mandalorian-verse they have developed. The working title “Ghost Track” of course, could provide some ideas for fans. The Ghost was the ship and home of the crew featured in Star Wars: Rebels. Rebels was an animated series, in which Dave Filoni was an executive producer. We already know at least one character from Rebels, Sabine Wren, will be making a live-action appearance in Ahsoka. Another member of The Ghost crew, Hera, is the subject of another rumor involving Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

With Ahsoka potentially bringing The Ghost crew back together, could the new series feature them in their own series? Only time will tell if “Ghost Track 17” comes to life and what it will be about. Regardless, it is certainly a golden age for Star Wars fans with no shortage of upcoming series’ to enjoy.

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CHICAGO, IL – APRIL 14: Director/executive producer Dave Filoni (L) and Writer/executive producer Jon Favreau (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/WireImage for Disney)


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