Well, it seems that we’re going to get another Alien film in the form of Alien: Romulus. No idea if it has any relation to Star Trek, but that’s the good news. The bad news? We won’t be seeing this sci-fi horror film for a long, long while. Not according to their filming schedule.

Attack of the Film Scheduling

"Alien" poster from IMDb.
The film that started it all. Since, you know, this latest Alien film doesn’t even have a poster yet.

JoBlo.com has recently reported that the Film & Television Industry Alliance (FTIA) now finally have a shoot date for this latest Alien film. Said film has a working title of Alien: Romulus, but as it’s a working title, it could change at any time. That’s going a bit beyond the point though, so let’s get back on track.

According to FTIA, Alien: Romulus has a shoot date of February 6, 2023. That means it won’t be long before filming, since it’s a little over a month away as of this writing. It also means that it will be a very, very long time before we get to see this new Alien film. With a shoot date like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual theatrical release date is sometime in 2024.

However, that’s not the only bit of Alien: Romulus news from the FTIA. According to them as well, the filming location is going to be in Budapest, Hungary. They don’t specify where in Budapest Disney are planning to film this new Alien film though. That’s seemingly a secret, presumably to prevent a hint of spoilers about the setting of this film.

Alien: Romulus ~ Details

"Alien: Covenant" poster from IMDb.
Followed immediately by the most recent Alien film.

In fact, a lot of Alien: Romulus seems to be a closely guarded secret. We only know a few sparse concrete details about it so far, which seem to consist of its production staff and cast. Apparently, Federico “Fede” Álvarez (Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe) will direct this film, with the legendary Sir Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, The Martian) himself producing. Cailee Spaeny (Pacific Rim Uprising, The Craft: Legacy, Devs) is apparently in talks to be in the lead role, although exactly who she’ll be playing is pretty much unknown at this time.

And unfortunately, that’s it as far as concrete details about Alien: Romulus is concerned for now. I told you details about this latest Alien film was sparse. We’ll just have to wait for more official information from Disney or 20th Century Fox-sorry, 20th Century Studios at a later time. Tune back in to THS later to find that out when we do.

Source: JoBlo.com

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